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Natasha Bedingfield Likes Prince William

July 1, 2007

Kate Middleton

Beautiful Natasha Bedingfield has a crush on Prince William (yea, you and most of Britain, Natasha). Last week, there were reports of his equally beautiful ex-girlfriend Kate Middleton visiting Prince William and reportedly trying to rekindle their relationship.

Ah Natasha, I see stab wounds in your future. The British press would love a fight between those two women over the prince. Then again, he probably would too. Men are terrible that way! (Just kidding).

Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield: I Want Prince William. Too bad she’s dating…

Natasha Bedingfield has revealed that she fancies Prince William. The songstress, who is due to appear at Sunday’s Concert For Diana, told reporters at her iTunes gig in London, that she is nervous about finally meeting the Prince.

“I think William is gorgeous – I’ve fancied him for ages. I’m quite nervous. The only problem is he is single now and I’ve started dating someone.” “I should have made my move ages ago” Princess Natasha, has a nice ring to it, eh? – http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news?id=33908

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