Mayhem In Britain

July 1, 2007

Britain was once again the subject of attempted terrorist attacks that were diffused before innocent civilians were harmed.

Two improvised car bombs made of gasoline and nails were found in London. They were left in heavily populated areas of the city for maximum effect. Thankfully, someone spotted the first one, which lead to a search for the second one. The authorities were able to diffuse both.

English PM Tony Blair stepped down passing the reins to now Scottish PM Gordon Brown

Another attack occurred when two men drove a car bomb into the Glasgow airport. The car failed to blow up in the manner that was clearly desired with only one person dying, one of the assailants, who caught on fire in the car. They were both arrested and the burned miscreant later succumbed to his injuries.

I can’t help but think Glasgow airport located in Scotland was chosen because Gordon Brown is a Scotsman. The attacks, especially the one at the airport, was done to demoralize Gordon during his first week as PM and to coincide with the anniversary of the July bombings that rocked London a couple years ago.

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