Plagiarist For President

June 28, 2007

Hillary’s Knock Off Web Site

June 27. 2007

Hillary Clinton’s new web site, is a rip off of the Drudge Report site and another one as well. 

I know she’s trying to be hip and cool and all, but plagiarism and copyright infringement is not the way. Last time I checked, copyright infringement is a crime. 

A cute web site does not a competent leader make. 

Regarding all the candidates, forget the web sites, the slick ad campaigns, the loquacious speeches and fake grins they are sporting, and get to the issues at hand: 

1.) Does the candidate believe in God and what is the evidence of that in their life? Any person who does not believe in something greater than themself is one who thinks they are god and their ego when entrusted with power, will do anything, as immoral as it may be.

2.) Will the candidate end the war?

3. Is the candidate too partisan and not able to look past that?

4.) Will the candidate use the White House to pad their pockets and that of their cronies?

5.) Will the candidate hire their cronies rather than the people most qualified for positions in government?

6.) Will the candidate improve international relations, which is all but dead?

7.) Will the candidate implement programs that will benefit the working class, not the rich, as they don’t’ need it?

8.) Is the candidate a proven liar?

9.) Is the candidate corrupt?

10.) Has the candidate had scandals of note that betray a lack of honesty?

11.) Is the candidate a deviant?

12.) Will the candidate follow the constitution, U.S. Code and international treaties – and have they done so thus far in their political career. 

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