Baby Bill

June 26, 2007

There should be a comprehensive bill to protect the rights of children, especially from negligent parents, or those whom by association, bring destructiveness into their children’s lives.

Some women drink while they are pregnant and as an end result, their child develops Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, an impairment that creates behavioral problems, diminished thinking and mental retardation.

6 week old “normal brain” (left) – 6 week old “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” brain (right). As you can see, the “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” brain to the right is much smaller and appears damaged, from the mother’s drinking during pregnancy.

Others expose their children to drugs, alcohol and nightlife for those 18 and over, at an early age as well. 12, 13 and 14 year olds have no business being in adult clubs at night. You are begging for trouble, especially when you grant your permission. That’s called bad parenting. Sometimes kids of the best parentage go astray, but when you encourage it, that’s another story:

Kathy Hilton, pictured above, reportedly allowed her daughter, Paris Hilton, to go to clubs in New York at age 13. Kathy, almost 50, a mother of four, was seen out partying with her daughters at a club, wearing a blatantly see through blouse. No, that’s not dysfunctional or embarrassing at all. Not!

Mrs. Hilton, the man gave you a life of luxury and privilege, which is what you reportedly dreamed of and what your mother trained you to go after to escape poverty. The least you could have done was give him some kids with some sense of moral responsibility, social graces, respect for the law and their fellow man, who earn a respectable living off something that’s not stolen or porn.

Some, claiming their own personal beliefs, deny their children much needed medical attention and treatment from trained specialists and psychologists, in the hopes that no one will realize their child has a learning disability or mental illness.

This is a danger to everyone, the child included, if they lash out publicly, and destroy other lives through fear, violence, intimidation or prostitution.

My mother has worked with the disabled for 10 years and has witnessed many of them make remarkable progress. She has also seen the flip side of what happens through negligence, when children do not get treatment early enough.

John Travolta, pictured above with his son Jett and wife Kelly, has been criticized for denying him treatment for autism, due to his cult Scientology.

Simple tasks that people master in minutes, sometimes takes them years or a lifetime, when they don’t get the proper assistance and additional tutelage they need early in life. No case is hopeless. Progress can always be made.

Several months ago I saw a documentary on autism and the many advances doctors and psychologists have made in the field.

There was a young man who underwent therapy at an early age in which he should have already been able to speak, but was not doing so. After treatment he actual began speaking, where he had not before.

He struggled with some things, but his very noticeable progress was crystal clear. You can barely tell he is autistic now. Specialists in the documentary did stress that the earlier you bring your child in, the more they can do for them.

It is especially sad when celebrities and the wealthy deny their children treatment, that they can so easily afford, due to odd so called religious beliefs or plain embarrassment. It is not God’s wish for you to do this.

You should do what’s best for the child. This isn’t about you. It is about a little individual you are responsible for, who is at a disadvantage due to a developmental disability, that they can receive assistance with to help them. That should be a no-brainer, right. Well, for some parents it is not. They do not seek proper care for their children.

There are millions of mentally and physically disabled people all over the world. Some cases occurred through no fault of the mother, while others occurred due to drinking or drug taking.

However, they aren’t people relegated to backrooms and backdoors. There are many programs out there that can improve their quality of life and mental capacity…but not if their parents don’t place them in said programs.

Where should governments draw the line to protect children’s welfare. Some of the foolishness I have read about in different countries, regarding excuses some parents, both famous and non-famous, have employed, when the government has set aside funds to help kids, is just plain wrong and self-centered.

If parents do not do what is in the best interest of their children’s emotional, physical and mental health, they should be required to answer for it in a court of law, under a comprehensive bill aimed at helping kids, who can’t help themselves.

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