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Eddie Murphy Is The Papa Of Scary Spice’s Baby

June 24, 2007

Eddie Meet Baby, Baby Meet Eddie

June 23. 2007

This is a follow up on my May 11, 2007 article titled “Paternity Cases…And Why They Get So Ugly.

The article was about actor Eddie Murphy and rapper Jay-Z not publicly acknowledging their children.

A few months ago Eddie Murphy insulted a very pregnant Melanie Brown stating he didn’t know if the baby she is carrying is his and won’t “until the child comes out and has a blood test.” It was mean. In trying to hurt her he spite his own child as well.

I believed it was his child from the beginning, which is what prompted me to write that article. Now it’s been confirmed.

He owes her an apology. Even if the parents aren’t together anymore, a child doesn’t deserve to be humiliated for it, via the dad speaking disparagingly in a very public forum.

Some made statements that she was after his money and was making the story up, when the Spice Girls each reportedly made $40 million dollars in the 90’s.

For a woman to be that adamant and publicly so should have let people know it was his child. After all, the moment of truth would come when the DNA test came back, now wouldn’t it.

A woman who was lying would slip in the backdoor and take the test quietly. Brown was proclaiming it in front of the cameras.

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