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Britney: Mama Made Me Do It Ya’ll

June 24, 2007

Britney Wants A Restraining Order Against Her Mama Ya’ll

June 23. 2007

Yup, you read that right. Outlets are stating Britney Spears reportedly wants to file a restraining order against her mom for, wait for it… (pause for a laugh)…for making her go to rehab, as this in Britney’s mind (scary place) is why people are calling her crazy.

Your mother has nothing to do with current public perception of you. It was images of you beating down the unsuspecting Range Rover, violently hitting a photographer with an umbrella and calling yourself the anti-Christ after shaving your head bald.

It wasn’t your mom putting you in rehab that convinced the world you’re off your rocker. Rehab isn’t shameful. However, humiliating your parents for trying to help you is.

Can this story get any worse. I mean really, my mother would have knocked me out by now, talking about getting a restraining order. That’s when one would really need a restraining order.

What’s next Britney, you gonna divorce your mommy and file for emancipation at age 25.

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