TMZero Posts O.J. Book

June 21, 2007

The Warner Bros owned web site TMZ is in trouble for posting the manuscript for O.J. Simpson’s unreleased book “If I Did It.” They have completely devalued the book with their actions. A trustee wants them held in contempt of court.

On March 17, 2007 on the Madonna lawsuit page, I complained about blogs, like TMZ, affiliated with Madonna’s Warner Bros, posting lines from my unreleased copyrights on their site attributed to them, among other things. I also included TMZ in my U.N. Human Rights Abuse complaint last month (it will be posted to the site shortly).

Therefore, this latest incident regarding the O.J. book unquestionably shows that it is a pattern of misconduct with Warner and its affiliates. It further illustrates that they are lawbreakers with no respect for domestic or international copyright law. What were they thinking to devalue other people’s property like that, without permission, in what is an international crime. Proves my point.

They clearly believe they have some right to take people’s property, intellectual property, and do with it what they wish in violation of United Nations laws and national copyright laws.

The Goldman’s just obtained a court order granting them the rights to the book. Then TMZ goes and advertises the entire manuscript as a free download. Not even an excerpt – the whole book. Who do you think you are to do that. You are well out of order.

What goes around comes around – it was reported that a hacker named “Gabriel” hacked a Warner Bros publishing company, Bloomsbury, a publishing company who also racked up quite a few hits to this web site might I add, and said hacker made an illegal digital copy of the next Harry Potter book, then broadcasted the end of it all over the world via the internet.

Articles came out yesterday in publications like the Los Angeles Times questioning if this was going to hurt sales. Cry me a river, Warner.

Warner is one of the most crooked companies in the world, who steal copyrights from all over the world all the time, and corrupt the U.S. court system to get out of legally answering for disgraceful domestic and international financial crimes.

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