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Press: Britney Binge Drinking

June 21, 2007

Windex is streak free, her deodorant isn’t – neither are the requisite clothing stains:

According to press reports, the old Britster, has fallen off the wagon, and was seen drinking several glasses of alcohol and partying.

I just don’t get it. I know some people like to go out and enjoy themselves, but not mothers with two infants at home, with who knows who taking care of them.

Sean: I’ve been driving since I was one. Now I finally get my own car.

You notice when the baby is with K-Fed he looks happier. When he is with Britney he always looks like he’s sighing. Why do I get the feeling a Mommy Dearest movie is on the way.

God gave her two sweet little babies. They are beautiful. Total cuteness. Yet Britney, based on press reports, would rather spend time with lesbians in club bathrooms, swapping clothes and who knows what else, rather than with her kids. That gets a major boo.

Is it just me or does that woman look terrified. Is Britney holding you hostage, girl? Blink three times and I will call the police for you:

A lot of people, especially mothers, go through adversity and rough times in life. But they realize they’ve got to keep it together for their kids.

They take jobs they don’t want to take to put food on the table. They put up with abuse from mean bosses so their kids can eat. They move to new places that may be a little bit out of the way, so their kids can go to a better school and play in safer neighborhoods. You do that for your kids.

Yet Britney, who technically doesn’t work anymore, has enough to pay her bills so she doesn’t have to, spends time partying and shopping seemingly all day everyday, rather than hanging out with her kids. Your kids come before all that.

The scariest thing about Spears’ psychosis is she acts like nothing happened, like nothing’s wrong and that she doesn’t have a mental problem – which the whole world witnessed.

She’s back to mixing with the public, even though there have been reports of other outbursts. That’s dangerous. Has she gotten any kind of psychiatric evaluation or treatment.

What about her mental state? It’s clear her mind is AWOL. Is this really safe for the kids? Has no one bothered to check because she is famous?

Who’s really checking up on those kids? After her rage filled public display last February and Satanic outbursts in rehab, there is cause for genuine concern.

The public cannot vouch for celebrities, as some celebrities do some very sick and disturbing things behind closed doors.

The fact of the matter is, the public does not know what goes on behind the gates of celebrities’ compounds they call home. Given what we’ve seen publicly from some celebrities, we probably wouldn’t want to.

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