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T.I. Told No On House Purchase

June 20, 2007

Millionaire Atlanta rapper T.I. was upset at being rebuffed in buying a multi-million dollar home in Atlanta. Though Atlanta is a beautiful city, with many blacks in prominent positions, there are a few pockets of it that still exhibit that old South plantation mentality.

It must have been a blow and quite offensive to him, being rebuffed in his attempts to buy the home, owned by whites. It could have been the black thing, it could have been the rap thing and it could have been both.

It’s hard to prove that this incident violated any fair housing statutes, in that an individual seller refused to sell a minority a home based on race. There is room for them to lie and make up excuses, like they changed their minds about the sale.

It would be difficult to prove in court that this case borders on or is illegal, but it certainly gives the appearance of discrimination and racism.

Not to worry, there are other fabulous places in Atlanta where they don’t care about the color of your skin.

And for those of you who think this doesn’t happen, guess again. One of my former neighbor’s stated she would not sell her house she had just put on the market to blacks. She wanted to do her part in keeping the neighborhood white. Little did she know that the neighbor she told this to only looked white, but was actually a blue eyed American born Hispanic, who speaks perfect English. Racists beware of who you are talking to, as some minorities look whiter than you.


Hip-hop star T. I. lost out on a dream home because of the colour of his skin, according to the rapper himself. The 26-year-old arrived with cash to buy the luxury property in his native Atlanta, Georgia, but his offer was turned down.

He tells American magazine Blender, “They wanted $2.5 million for that house over there. I was ready to pay cash.

“But once they saw who I was, the house wasn’t for sale anymore. If you ask me it’s because I’m a young black man.” T. I. adds, “I just bought a bigger house.”- World Entertainment News Network

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