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Bratty, Batty Britney Barks And Bald Billboards Come Down…Like Her Sales

June 20, 2007

She may have to have the entire internet taken down if this keeps up

June 20. 2007

Former pop star Britney Spears complained to her lawyer, who threatened Clear Channel into taking down three Billboards that portrayed her accurately as a “nut job” and “certifiable.”

Britney: it’s so natural, ya’ll.

The radio station, WFLZ, owned by Clear Channel, was not pleased with the decision. Radio personality Schnitt said in an interview, “I’m not happy with that.” Um, but you still won. Let me explain.

Brit Brit is a Twit Twit. Her bratty whining only served to make what was a local embarrassment in Tampa, Florida an international one.

Britney: I got it taken down ya’ll. Now no one will know I’m crazy.

Because she kicked up this fuss, the whole world knows about the ads now. WFLZ, though you only paid for three billboards, you got the equivalent of a million, as the ad is all over the internet and all over the world. Though they took the ads down 3 weeks into the month, you got your money’s worth. You can’t buy that kind of international advertising. 

Once again, Britney, most people think you are a “nut job” and “certifiable” and your continued crazy conduct on a daily basis, as captured by the press and paparazzi, is only serving to highlight this undeniable fact.

Your conduct is putting you in the same league with Tom Cruise. He should send you a thank you letter, because you are set to overtake him in the crazy stakes.

Some internet feedback:

– Clear Channel Communications who owns the radio station that the show runs on is in deep trouble as Britney’s layers claim, ”likeness has a multi-million-dollar value for authorized commercial exploitations”. As a result Britney is entitled to “very substantial damages” from Clear Channel. Damages for what, ruining her tarnished image? – Hollyscoop web site

– Imagine, then, if someone took a picture of you in a less-than-dignified moment and used it for a witty advertising campaign. That’d be pretty bloody annoying, right? And you know what would make it even more annoying – if you were the vagina-flashing hitmaker behind Oops I Did It Again, that’s what.

If the lawyers are cracking down on people who find Britney’s insanity hilarious, then we’re pretty much up **** creek without a paddle. Or canoe. Or water wings. – Heckler Spray web site

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