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Prison Paris Crying Foul

June 19, 2007

According to reports, Paris Hilton’s mom, Kathy, thought her daughter’s arm was broken, because she kept rubbing it and shivering, complaining it’s cold in jail. That’s a little extreme don’t you think.

They have listed a litany of other complaints as well. It’s jail. It’s supposed to bite. What, you thought you were checking into the Hilton, where according to reports, you demand free rooms, though your father in-law states all family members must pay just like everyone else.

Paris committed a serious violation of the law…drunk driving. I have no pity for her with this. 20 years ago, a drunk driver almost killed my mother. Her arm was broken and at the site of the accident, they put her neck in a brace, because they thought it was broken as well. Thanks to someone like you, with so little concern for others, that you got behind the wheel drunk.

You need to stop whining and complaining over foolishness, because you could have killed someone, like actor Lane Garrison did, if the police didn’t pull you over, after noticing you swerving in and out of traffic.

She doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously. When Martha Stewart and Lil Kim were in jail, were national and international audiences bombarded with headlines of complaints from them, as is being done with Paris. No. They did their time with dignity. However, the Hilton family is addicted to publicity and phone in their every move to the press.

Many balked at her being placed on house arrest after only two and a half days of incarceration. She was going to go home to maid and housekeeping service at home.

While, I do not care for Paris’ taste in furnishings (Dynasty meets Real World is kind of scary), for a serious legal offense, she would have been spending time partying in the comfort of her own home (Bimbo had already ordered the party supplies within a day of getting out early). That’s hardly justice or correctional, now is it.

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