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Maybe Beyonce Should Sue The Oscars…

June 18, 2007

Singer Kelly Rowland says singer Beyonce should have won the Oscar and not actress Helen Mirren

Kelly Rowland: I said that?!

Photo from That Grape Juice blog

Singer Kelly Rowland, once apart of the now defunct R&B group, Beyonce’s Destinys Child, made some ridiculous, embarrassing statements to the press this week, regarding Beyonce losing the Best Actress Oscar to the eventual winner, Helen Mirren.

Helen Mirren: hahahaha she can’t be serious:

She said “Beyonce was robbed” at the Oscars. You must mean somebody jumped her and took her purse, because you couldn’t mean robbed of the actual award.

Kelly Rowland: Maybe I was high when I said it?

Photo from That Grape Juice blog

I didn’t even know Beyonce was nominated. Was Kelly trying to make a joke or did Beyonce pay her to say that. Really, Destinys Child is over (unless Beyonce’s next album bombs) so you don’t have to kiss her butt anymore for fear her Daddy Dearest Knowles will kick you out the group and into the unemployment line.

Beyonce: thanks Kelly, I’ll tell my dad not to mess up your next album, that he is already messing up with fans commenting on it:

She wasn’t even remotely better than Jennifer Hudson from the same film she was in, who stole the show and won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Therefore, how could she possibly win Best Actress. 

Dame Helen Mirren and David Beckham (OBE)

Helen Mirren is a world class thespian, something Beyonce can’t even spell. Beyonce can’t even act. She is a singer. I would give her credit if she were any good at acting, but unfortunately I saw Dreamgirls…

Apparently Kelly didn’t.


R&B singer KELLY ROWLAND was horrified when DAME HELEN MIRREN beat her former bandmate BEYONCE KNOWLES to the Best Actress at the Oscars earlier this year (07).

Knowles was seen at the outsider in the leading actress category for her performance as Deena in Dreamgirls and was beaten to the Academy Award by the British actress in The Queen.

Former Destiny’s Child star Rowland says, “I tell you what, though, Beyonce was robbed of the Dreamgirls Oscar.
“She did a great job.

“Mind you, that won’t be her last opportunity. She’ll have plenty of Oscars in the future.” – World Entertainment News Network

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