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Britney Threatens To Sue Over Billboard Ads Calling Her A “Nut Job”

June 18, 2007

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Britney Spears flipped her wig lid when she saw Billboard ads by a Top 40 radio station that referred to her as a “nut job” and “certifiable.” She is now threatening to sue the station, even going as far as calling her lawyer in attempts to have the billboards taken down (See legal letters below).

If that’s the case, she’s gonna have to sue just about every blog in the blogosphere, hundreds of newspapers and millions of message board users around the world, who call her crazy on a daily basis. That’s millions of people.

So much for freedom of speech. As a guideline, it’s not defamation when it’s true and can be proven as such. That is covered by freedom of speech. You think the radio station is telling us something we don’t know.

She acts like her insanity is some secret. The whole world knows. The ads only mirror what the world has been saying due to her crazy conduct.

Unless you are going to bribe the judge, which has been done by the stars, labels and major studios of Hollywood, to get out of lawsuits and prosecution for crimes they’ve committed, much to the public disgrace of the judiciary, you’ve got no case. How soon she forgets:

EXHIBIT A: Shaving her head like she’s joining the army:

EXHIBIT B: Looking like an extra in Star Wars due to bad buzz job and crazed look on her face:

EXHIBIT C: Looking like an enraged demon:

EXHIBIT D: Beating up a poor, innocent, empty, defenseless SUV, because she’s crazy like that. I mean really, what did the poor car do to you:

EXHIBIT E: Walking off like nothing happened, like nobody saw the mess:

EXHIBIT F: Walking running off like nobody saw it. Ok, then…

EXHIBIT G: Shaving her legs poolside at the Mondrian Hotel the next day like it’s normal:

EXHIBIT H: Running around confused like a headless chicken the next day. Bimbo don’t believe in using bags:

EXHIBIT I: Britney’s baby forced to “Lean Back” like he’s Fat Joe, after Britney nearly dropped him on the cold, hard New York concrete (just like landing on a pillow, huh Britney):

EXHIBIT J: Britney’s baby burning rubber, becoming the youngest unlicensed driver in U.S. history:

EXHIBIT K: Britney looking like Satan, her master, right before she was calling herself the anti-Christ in rehab:


Britney Ballistic Over Billboards

Singer may sue over radio show’s “nut job” advertisements

JUNE 17–Britney Spears is threatening legal action against a Florida radio station that used a bald-headed photo of the pop star on billboards that appear to call her sanity into question. In a June 14 letter to Clear Channel Communications lawyer Donna Schneider, Spears’s counsel claims that the billboards promoting the MJ Morning Show were “outrageous to the extreme” and demanded their removal.

A copy of the Spears legal letter can be found below. The three outdoor advertisements, which are reproduced at right, pair a paparazzi photo of a bald, snarling Spears with a picture of WFLZ morning show host Todd Schnitt (who uses the air name MJ Kelli). They are headlined, “Total Nut Jobs,” “Shock Therapy,” and “Certifiable.” According to the star’s lawyer, Spears’s “likeness has a multi-million-dollar value for authorized commercial exploitations” and, as a result, she is entitled to “very substantial damages” from Clear Channel.

The MJ Morning Show airs on several stations across Florida. The Spears billboards, which first appeared last month, advertised the program in Tampa, Jacksonville, and Clearwater. (2 pages) – The Smoking Gun

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