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Brit Still Being A Twit

June 15, 2007

Recently divorced, ever blaming everyone else, Britney Spears, is at it again. This time, online.

Her lawyers have tried to save her from one legal crisis after another and one bad career decision after another. They are losing that battle again.

Note to Britney: take your meds before you post online. Thanks.

Britney’s been blathering on online again. She made painful attempts at humor that left egg on her face, as she tried to be funny in asking the public to help her choose her next album title.

The cracked out choices are:

I see she made a joke about cocaine spokeswoman Lindsay Lohan. Britney better watch it. If reports are accurate, based on what Lohan’s bodyguard said about her previous conduct in weave grabbing, she is not above snatching that funky little wig off your head.

There are so many nice wigs out there and Britney picks the worst ones every time.

The latest bratty, blamefully titled post on her site that got carried in the entertainment news read, “You’ll never see it my way because you’re not me.”

Thank God for that.

Why would I or anyone else want to see it your way, Britney. You are clearly living in another world not based in reality. A world where it is never your fault and it is okay to deliberately flash your private parts and underwear to a public that has lost interest.

It’s sick conduct and whichever idiot is advising you to do this is insane as well. This constant exhibitionism, accosting people online, is out of order.

You have juvenilely refused responsibility for every bad choice you’ve made. Everything is either your mother’s fault, K-Fed’s fault, the media’s fault or inexcusably, the nerve of you, claiming it’s your fans fault.

You are not worthy of your audience, you ungrateful brat. I’ll never get an artist that has the gall to blame their audience. You are 25 with the mind of a 5 year old.

Some people in this world live very difficult lives, quite a few, through no fault of their own. They were born into impoverished circumstances, some raised by bad families, some robbed, some raped, some falsely accused of crimes they did not commit.

You, however, are another story. You came from a modest background, basically whored your way to the top and then had a catastrophic meltdown and fall that is of your own making. Time to own up to that.

You were dating pop singer Justin Timberlake, who many women are attracted to, but you clearly grew tired of. You made millions singing lip-syncing. You had many fans.

Then you opted to mess it all up:

Cheated on Timberlake, effectively ending that relationship

Joined a sick cult (Kabbalah) that messed up the little mind you had in the first place.

Married a man for 2 days then divorced him.

Married another man for two years and then divorced him

But not before getting pregnant twice within two years, which doctors don’t recommend.

Drink, smoke, take drugs and partied hard, destroying your looks.

Went around for two years looking like a disheveled mess, rather than a dignified and decent pregnant woman.

Seen drinking alcohol while pregnant. There are accusations flying about that you took drugs while pregnant as well.

Ditched your husband, started partying with a notorious lesbian who is currently in prison, and proceeded to flash your vagina to the whole world several times.

While I am not a prude, I don’t believe in being stupid and reckless. Your behavior has just been reckless. You were begging for something bad to happen making all these careless choices.

Do you not look before you leap? Do you not ask people for advice before you run and hit the wall?

There are others stars out there with far less and some with far more than you, that didn’t make these bad choices.

You are ungrateful and that’s what it all boils down to. Ingratitude for what you have and a penchant for wasting God’s gifts in life.

You have no one to blame but yourself. People tried to stop you from going down the path you’re on, but you went down the wrong path and hit that wall yourself…sadly, taking two innocent kids along for the ride.

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