Copyright Office Fraud Follow Up

June 13, 2007

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Yes, again. This is a follow up to my article yesterday about another incident of Copyright Office Fraud. (Copyright Office Fraud” “Copyright Office Fraud Update” and “Copyright Office Commits Fraud Again“).

Please read that article to get up to speed, if you haven’t already, regarding Madonna, who I sued, infringing copyrights of mine that temporarily and fraudulently lost US copyright protection under suspicious circumstances, that later had to be reinstated by Copyright Office supervisors.

Yesterday, shortly after that post, I called Copyright Office supervisor Brenda Roseboro to inquire as to what their explanation was for this latest incident.

She blamed it on the sorting machines at the Copyright Office, stating my money order probably got separated from my Copyright registration.

She said she will “do a check for loose checks” and even if she doesn’t find it there, she will ask her boss to comp it, considering I have proof of payment and postage that is tracked, which I read to her over the phone.

She apologized again and gave me another tracking number and told me to send the copyright submission back that was fraudulently returned to me claiming I didn’t send the $45.00 fee, when I did.

That settles this incident for now, but there is a greater underlying issue in this case that cannot and will not be ignored.

It gives the appearance that certain parties in Hollywood are trying to get some of my Copyrights thrown out and are making illegal attempts to thwart the dates of authorship through illegal connections, so when they later steal and infringe it after they illegally access and copy it, they can try to claim they registered it first, when they did not.

As I wrote yesterday, the Copyright Office is not my only legally accepted source of protecting my works, so certain parties in Hollywood are in for a nasty shock.

But in the mean time, Madonna and co., continue to disgrace and corrupt the judiciary and Congress to everyone, in a case that is being viewed by millions around the globe.

It goes to show that money corrupts some people and only a low class low life with money would seek such sick means at any cost to steal what does not belong to them.

It has been duly recorded and is being duly watched.

After an unprecedented 22 plus copyright infringement and fraud lawsuits against her from credible people all over the world, all telling the same story, who don’t even know each other, does Madonna really think people believe her anymore.

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