Copyright Office Commits Fraud Again

June 12, 2007

A follow up on my June 4, 2007 article “Copyright Office Fraud” and its June 8, 2007 follow up “Copyright Office Fraud Update.” Yesterday, I received a package in the mail from the Copyright Office postmarked June 3, 2007. In it was a copyright submission I sent in on March 30, 2007, fraudulently returned to me once again.

This time they are claiming I didn’t send payment with a copyright titled AISHA WORK 28, which is an error I have never made in over 15 years of copyrighting, when I did send the full payment of $45.00 via postal order number: 10719116752 via tracked mail no: 03061070000141804786 in that March 30, 2007 package. All documents pertaining to this and the other two incidents will be posted on the site shortly.

Isn’t it great to know this type of fraud and lack of integrity exists within an offshoot of Congress. The contents of this copyright was properly preserved and registered with its authorship already established and protected in several ways.

Therefore, this latest attempt at fraud only provides more evidence and serves to illustrate the points I have been making, regarding the rampant dishonesty and lack of integrity present in this case, in certain parties trying to destroy some of my valuable copyrights, so money hungry parties in Hollywood can illegally use them in violation of domestic and international law.

This latest incident has been duly noted and added as additional evidence in my UN complaint and for the international lawsuits.

It doesn’t look good on them, as this is the third time something of this fraudulent nature has happened, highlighting a very serious problem in Congress that copyright holders all over the world need to take note of.

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