Free Song Download Lampooning Madonna, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton

May 31, 2007

Miami, Florida – May 8, 2007 – Inspired by the copyright infringement and invasion of privacy legal case Aisha v. Madonna, docketed with the Supreme Court on April 20, 2007, case no. 06-1389, indie singer Aisha has penned and recorded the song “Thieves.”

The hilarious free song download “Thieves” was released on May 3, 2007 and is available to anyone who logs on to or No registration or sign up required.

“Thieves” is from the forthcoming Sonustar Records soundtrack to the film “Justice and Truth,” which is a detailed account of the legal case Aisha v. Madonna and behind the scenes entertainment industry practices.

“Thieves” humorously chronicles the exploits and character traits of the pop culture stars involved in the case, such as Madonna and her Kabbalah cohorts Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Gwen Stefani. The song also includes quips about Madonna’s friend Rosie O’Donnell and her husband, director Guy Ritchie, who was also sued in the case for copyright infringement.

Aisha stated, “I wrote the song as a positive, humorous way to express my feelings regarding the injustices that have transpired against me. It is apart of the forthcoming soundtrack to the film about the case.

For many years of my life I have done my level best to compose meaningful songs for my Copyrighted Catalog, about topics such as social injustice, racism, sexism, poverty and love, yet these thoughtless stars unlawfully saw it fit to infringe my copyrights and lace them with ignorance and profanity, to make millions in undue cash.

Therefore, I penned the song ‘Thieves’ as a tribute to their ignorance, self-centeredness and terrible contributions to deteriorating our world with their selfishness, vapidity and vileness.”


Aisha is a singer, writer, producer and director. She is the owner of the independent music, film and literary company Sonustar. She is also the owner of the largest independently authored copyrighted catalog in the world, which contains 9,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line. She is a Christian, who is a patron of several charities. She has no criminal record or history of strange conduct.


The main defendant in the legal case Aisha v. Madonna is Warner Bros. recording artist Madonna, who has a sordid history of many copyright infringement cases and civil rights violations lawsuits from private citizens, artists and industry veterans from around the world, numbering eighteen. There are an additional dozen credible allegations of copyright infringement against her, written about in numerous articles online.

Warner Bros Music is headed by Edgar Bronfman jr, who was formally made aware of Madonna’s misconduct in the case in 2005, when the label was sued in federal court. To this day, Madonna continues to misappropriate and unlawfully use items from Aisha’s private Copyrighted Catalog and public web site, without permission, and with the full knowledge of Mr. Bronfman. Warner Bros Music is a publicly traded corporation that is subject to SEC rules and regulations.

Aisha stated, “Though there is a legal filing domestically, a future impending international lawsuit, with the case having been reported to the FBI and DOJ in September of 2005, Madonna and her cronies continue to willfully violate my copyrights by sneaking out as much of my copyrighted works as possible, under their businesses.

Just last week Madonna engaged in more misconduct again, unlawfully using years old copyrights from my Catalog, once again without permission. The FBI has been informed twice that she continues to do this, with internationally acceptable proof of ongoing misconduct submitted to them, yet for reasons known only to FBI Director Robert Mueller, she has been allowed to continue in this unlawful path.”


In 2006 Guy Ritchie in conjunction with his wife Madonna willfully infringed a copyrighted 2001 movie script from Aisha’s Copyrighted Catalog, about her homeland Jamaica, and Miami, where she has lived since she was 8 years old.

Aisha stated, “In 2006 Guy Ritchie took one of my Copyrighted Catalog’s songs titles “Rude Boy” which is an old Jamaican phrase, changed the spelling to “Rude Buay” and slapped it together with one of my old copyrighted film scripts from 2001.

He then had the audacity to begin contracting people in my homeland of Jamaica to film my movie without permission, which constitutes violations of Jamaican law. He has signed up Kymani Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley, and music veteran Barrington Levy, to make the film, most likely not telling them the true origins of the script. These are willful violations of Jamaican, U.S., British and United Nations copyright and fraud laws.

Not only has he poached the script in conjunction with his wife, about a country, Jamaica, he knows nothing about, they have offensively added a new item to the script that will be patently offensive to Jamaica.

However, it shows just what they think of Jamaica that they would do such a thing and it further shows what they think of Jamaicans that they would exploit me like this and on a continued basis. There’s no way to pretty it up. It’s there in black and white. The evidence speaks for itself.”

This marks Guy Ritchie’s third copyright infringement lawsuit since he has been with Madonna. He was also sued by different litigants for copyright infringement for the box office bombs “Swept Away” and “Snatch” starring Brad Pitt.


Aisha reported the case to Alberto Gonzales’ Department of Justice and Robert Mueller of the FBI in September of 2005, as their agency legal advisory states, “copyright infringement is a crime investigated by the FBI.”

The FBI has said they are investigating the case. Aisha’s frequently updated web site is regularly visited by the Department of Justice/FBI and SEC, as evidenced by Traffic Facts.

Aisha was interviewed by two Miami FBI agents regarding the case – agent J. Christopher Kapcyznski on Thursday November 3, 2005, at the Miami FBI Field Office located at 16320 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33169 and agent Cathy Mary Koontz on Monday, November 7, 2005.

In July of 2006 Aisha received a letter from the Minneapolis branch of the FBI stating they’ve found that she has been the victim of a computer/internet-based crime that they are investigating and are requesting her cooperation and patience.

Aisha’s Copyrighted Catalog has been stored on her network of business computers, which separate computer companies have confirmed in writing are being hacked.

The daily targeted hacks continue to plague Aisha’s computers to this day, causing thousands in software and hardware damage, and the infringement of billions in copyrights, in misconduct that is a violation of domestic and international law.

Her home was also burglarized numerous times, as evidenced by police reports, where CD-ROMs with offline, updated versions of her unreleased copyrighted works were stolen and later attributed to Madonna and her partners in commerce. These burglaries were additionally reported to the Miami FBI in April of 2006.


On October 17, 2005, Aisha filed a time stamped electronic complaint with the Metropolitan Police UK, regarding Madonna’s misconduct that has spread to British shores, in conjunction with Victoria Newton’s Bizarre Column, featured in the Sun Newspaper UK.

The Sun was also sued in the lawsuit Aisha v. Madonna one month prior to the complaint being filed. The Sun Newspaper is owned by News Group Newspapers. Both are headquartered at 1 Virginia Street, London E98 1NW.

Aisha’s formal complaint lodged with the Metropolitan Police was for invasion of privacy, illegal wiretapping, hacking and copyright infringement. Aisha’s privacy has been invaded, as supported by specialists’ reports, in misconduct that also affected her family in Jamaica, which is apart of the British commonwealth.

Aisha was also followed in London by the same man in September of 2005. Shortly after, footage Aisha filmed in London in September of 2005 was later infringed by Madonna in November of 2005.

Aisha stated, “On three separate, documented occasions in Miami, London and Jamaica, with credible witnesses present and supporting receipts, I filmed items outdoors from years old preexisting copyrighted treatments from my Catalog, only for Madonna and her affiliates to shoot the very same things shortly after and rush to put them out before I do. The mere fact that this has happened three times in public settings, incriminatingly illustrates that I am being followed around, as Anthony Pellicano and other private investigators, did to many on behalf of Bert Fields’ famous clients.”

A month after Aisha filed the complaint in October 2005, the Metropolitan Police opened an investigation into the very same company she filed the complaint against, News Group Newspapers. Several months later, in June of 2006, the Metropolitan Police announced that News Group Newspapers’ most famous editor, Clive Goodman, has been arrested and charged with illegally “wiretapping” and “hacking” the British royal family – two of the very same things Aisha had accused them in relation to her, before the investigation began.

However, the Metropolitan Police deferred to the FBI in Aisha’s case, stating she is under their jurisdiction, as she lives in America. The FBI have failed to stop the misconduct.

“The Metropolitan Police received a formal complaint from me, in which my allegations against News Group Newspapers later proved to be 100 percent correct. However, due to a jurisdictional technicality, they stated it was the FBI’s responsibility. As a result the problem has festered not only on American shores, but British shores as well, to my detriment and that of my family in Miami and Jamaica.”


In October of 2005, Aisha reported the copyright thefts and human rights violations to Congress via her designated Miami representative Kendrick Meek, who did not respond. The copyright thefts, harassment, invasion of privacy, human rights violations and abuse of Aisha’s constitutional rights continue unabated.

Aisha said, “For Congress to ignore a formal complaint sent to them almost two years ago, where an innocent immigrant family have been living under severe, well documented human rights abuses that violate everything America stands for, is unconstitutional.

Each individual is assigned rights, are mine and that of my family to be ignored because the people committing unconstitutional, unlawful acts against us are famous, chronic lawbreakers, whose misdeeds and exploitation of me, my assets and years of my labor, is bringing in a windfall of money in taxable income, albeit in violation of the law of the land.

The attitude of anything bringing in money to the treasury is okay, is not okay and not one this country was founded upon. To let standards fall this low is a very poor reflection of the Judiciary.

What about United Nations assigned human rights that Congress swore to abide by. What about the right to privacy in one’s home and business, where there is a reasonable expectation to privacy under the law. What about human dignity – that I have the right to not have my privacy vilely invaded. What about property rights. Am I to be denied these sacred, inalienable rights because a famous miscreant refuses to stay on the right side of the law.”


Aisha sued Madonna for the infringement of her copyrights, among other misconduct. Madonna has been sued for unduly using a copy of Aisha’s valuable, preexisting vast Copyrighted Catalog of works that was unlawfully obtained and passed around among her partners and associates in Hollywood, in an unseemly, old industry practice that has been going on for years, which the FBI has been unable to stop.

Aisha stated, “In the Sophia Stewart case, where she sued Madonna’s label subsidiary Warner Bros Films for infringing her film script that unlawfully ended up becoming the Matrix, her works were passed around the entertainment industry to people at major film studios, unbeknownst to her, making its way into other film projects such as the blockbuster the Terminator, as was revealed by an FBI probe.

I’ve thoroughly read the case files for that lawsuit and many others and they all bear the same pattern of theft. A member of the public authors an original work, obtains a copyright from the Library of Congress, then sends the copyrighted movie script, song or TV show proposal to a member of the entertainment industry, in hopes of getting it made. Then shortly thereafter, their copyrights are willfully infringed, with minute items altered in vain attempts to conceal the willful thefts. Then parties in Hollywood go on to make millions, sometimes billions, in ill-gotten gain, in violation of domestic and international the law.”


On November 9, 2006, Yahoo ran a telling article titled “Stolen Ideas Big Business in Hollywood,” listing numerous major studio film releases that are the subject of credible copyright infringement lawsuits by independent writers, who made the terrible mistake of submitting works to Hollywood for consideration.

Films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Brokeback Mountain, The Matrix, The Last Samurai, Broken Flowers, Amistad, Rounders, Finding Nemo and the Island, are all the subject of separate lawsuits, brought by writers who held preexisting copyrights that were later alleged to be infringed.

Aisha stated, “These credible cases pop up all the time. Writers and singers around the country and in the international market need to be careful of so-called creative people in Hollywood, who have no qualms about regularly breaking domestic and international law in willfully stealing copyrights.

Copyright infringement is a very lucrative black market business in Hollywood, generating billions in revenue, but it is also a federal and international crime. Copyrights mean money and awards. Stars and executives steal for the money and glory and will remove your name from the writer’s slot and etch theirs in, knowing full well they didn’t write it. It has been proven before.

It’s an old, dirty industry practice that never died. People gain undue accolades, awards and money for works they stole by fishing it out of mail submissions from members of the public, off indie Internet sites and other protected locations that are unlawfully accessed.

The FBI is not fulfilling its obligation to the country’s citizens or the international community, in clamping down on this very serious form of theft that is prevalent among Hollywood stars, studios and labels. They are no better than the bootlegger on the street. In fact, they are worse.

To arrest the man on the street for bootlegging, which netted him a few hundred dollars, then give a free pass to the famous lawbreaker stealing millions in copyrights, is unbalanced and warrants an investigation it itself, as to why Robert Mueller allows the famous to continue doing this year after year.”

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