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Beyonce Throwing Threats

May 27, 2007


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May 3. 2007

Beyonce‘s not “crazy in love” she’s just crazy

Last week, singer Des’ree obtained a temporary injunction against Beyonce and her label, who were ordered to stop selling the CD/DVD re-release of her current album until a future hearing, amidst claims of copyright infringement for the song “I’m Kissing You.”

As I wrote in an article on this site a week ago titled Butt Shaking Beyonce Strikes Again a few videos from my private Copyrighted Catalog were illegally used as well by Beyonce for that same project Des’ree later sued for, with Beyonce’s label Sony already having been a defendant in my legal case since 2005.

The fact of the matter is your label was reportedly not thrilled about you filming all those videos. It was written about in the press before said infringing videos were released. Not only did it over-saturate the market, it turned off many of your fans that called them cheap and substandard.

Cheapness without creativity and a flair for what will work, will never work. That’s the difference between being just plain cheap and a true indie project. Cheap doesn’t have to be substandard, but it is when incompetence tries to execute it.

However, due to ego and arrogance, you took it upon yourself to film a spate of videos that were not yours, procured via illegal means.

The law of the land is as such that theft is theft. You knew it was not yours. Full stop. You participated in a crime that you put your name on.

You were and are fully aware that you did something wrong. You have no one to blame but yourself for this malfeasance.

You seem to forget all the lies you told the public about being a humble Christian, when your conduct showed the world you were anything but.

You stole copyrights that were illegally obtained via felony and then proceeded to arrogantly break copyright law in the process.

You have done this repeatedly, to numerous people, spawning many legal cases, showing you do not take the law seriously and are not adverse to violating others’ rights. You have some misguided sense of entitlement that is going to bring about your downfall for this mass thievery.

A thief is a thief is a thief. And you are unquestionably a crook.

To take my copyrights procured via illegal means constituting a felony and Des’ree’s as well is a violation of domestic and international law that cannot be ignored.

You’ve left a trail of victims and it is the FBI’s responsibility to investigate it in order for them to be on the right side of the law.

The FBI’s web site states, “Copyright infringement is a crime that is investigated by the FBI.” It is a felony. I didn’t make that up. It is the law and you broke it at my expense and several others, because you simply have no conscience.

Those untruthful statements you made in Vibe about you not using the internet is going to come back to haunt you and show your audience how treacherous and evasive you can be when your misdeeds are uncovered to the public.

As if stating you don’t use the internet would free you from liability when there is proof that contradicts your statements. Not to mention, additionally, a top fan site of yours said you frequent the site and sent him a thank you email for it in a publicized PR post.

Furthermore, if I were you and end up being questioned by the FBI, as they are legally and constitutionally empowered to do regarding copyright infringement, to uphold the US code, I wouldn’t lie to them.

Lying to the FBI is a serious crime that gets under their skin. Look at Lil Kim. She did a year for that very thing.

They are known for investigating people then asking them questions they already know the answers to. For further reference, see Lil Kim.

You further have no business getting angry at people you bothered, robbed and defrauded, who did nothing to you. It’s nonsensical and childish to do so, considering you are the one who stirred up the hornet’s nest. You can’t cry victim for that.

Your statements in Vibe were perplexing. Just who were you referring to when you uttered the words “I want to kill somebody” in reference to people posting things about you and your family online. To say that further implies you read what’s written about you online.

It is a cowardly and demeaning statement from someone who claims to be decent.

To say one wants to kill somebody, is in fact, an open threat and you were unwise enough to state that in a well read publication. Once again, believing your own hype to your own detriment. God gives life, who are you to threaten it.

No one is scared of you. Only cowards fear evil.

Coincidentally, in that same Vibe interview this week, you made a very telling slip there oh bewigged one. You said two lines, word for word, of my lyrics from my copyrighted 2004 song “Why Did This Happen To Me” that is also apart of my lawsuit and the very reason I sued your label in the first place in 2005. The lyrics to that song of mine have been online since 2004 on my site and other lyric sites. It is also apart of the evidence in the case against your label.

My 2004 lyric goes: Sometimes I wanna scream. Sometimes I wanna cry.

You said in the interview this week: Sometimes I wanna cry. Sometimes I wanna scream.

I highlighted that line in your interview containing my lyrics. How did you manage that screw up Beyonce. It’s quite incriminating.

The following article is from Media Take Out, who last year printed that Beyonce is 32, not 25 like she is claiming. Intelius, which uses government records, property tax records, titles and utility bills, also said the same.

“MediaTakeOut.com has learned that in this months issue of Vibe, Beyonce opens up about her true feelings. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

First of all, I don’t listen to the radio. If I do, it would be in the car on my way to a venue — but not consciously. I don’t go on the Internet. … Unless I’m approving videos or approving song mixes, I don’t go. I don’t buy anything online. I’m scared. I don’t want to just give ’em my credit card. I don’t wanna be hacked …

Everybody messes with celebrities. At a point, you just have to decide if you really want it. If you do, you have to have a tough skin. And after you get a certain amount of success, you have no choice. Either you’re gonna turn to other things to take away the pain you feel, or you have to deal with it and move on.

If it’s something about my sister or my nephew or it’s something evil, then yes, I’m upset,” Beyonce said about gossip. “I wanna kill somebody. If it’s a rumor that’s vindictive, or something harmful, or something everybody’s believing that is completely not true, then it’s frustrating because there’s nothing you can do about it. If someone misquotes you, or says some complete lie, and then they go back and retract that, people still don’t believe you didn’t say it. … So sometimes it hurts. Sometimes I wanna cry. Sometimes I wanna scream. Sometimes I wanna curse people out.

You mean to tell us that people are actually printing rumors about Beyonce. Oh my!! Who could she possibly be talking about…” – Media Take Out


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