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Muslim Sues British Hair Salon Over Headscarf

April 16, 2008 Comments off

Sarah Desrosiers (left) Bushra Noah (right)

A case in London has a Muslim woman pitted against a British born hair salon owner, with civil charges of discrimination being levied against the latter by the former.

The Muslim woman, Bushra Noah, sued hair salon owner, Sarah Desrosiers, for not hiring her to work in her hair salon. The salon owner declined her application, stating her headscarf did not fit with the cutting edge image of the salon.

As you can see from the photo posted above, the salon owner has modern fuchsia highlights in her hair. I think she was within her right to decline anyone she did not want to hire.

While I do not believe in religious insensitivity, as a general rule in all democracies, when you apply for a job, you are not guaranteed anything. That’s how it’s been for quite some time. You put in the application and wait, as no one is obligated to hire anyone they do not deem the best qualified or properly suited to the position.

Similarly, if you want to become a singer and go to a record label anywhere in the world, they have the right to decline you if they feel you don’t have the right sound or image. The entire hiring/signing process is subjective. They are not obligated to hire anyone.

Discrimination is when you go into a restaurant and they refuse to serve you based on religion or race. Still, some restaurants have a policy they post at the door, stating you must wear shirt and shoes – lest they decline you admittance for failing to observe the dress code. They are legally within their right to do so regarding the latter.

This case was not based in discrimination or segregation, and sadly, a business may go under in being sued for something that is not illegal or unethical.

‘Headscarf doesn’t fit our funky image’ says salon owner who turned down Muslim stylist

The owner of a fashionable hair salon today denied being a racist after turning down a headscarf-wearing Muslim who applied for a stylist’s job.

Sarah Desrosiers, 32, told a tribunal it was vital that all her staff show off “flamboyant” haircuts at the Wedge salon in King’s Cross.

And Miss Desrosiers, from Hackney, said 19-year-old Mrs Bushra Noah’s headscarf was out of keeping with the “ultra-modern, urban, edgy and funky” style of her business.

The salon owner added she adopted a cutting-edge hair style on entering the industry which she says is essential to work as a stylist.

Miss Desrosiers told Central London Employment Tribunal that Mrs Noah’s religious beliefs played no part in her decision to turn the then 18-year-old down in March last year.

“I am not a racist and I do not discriminate against anyone on any grounds, not least of all race, religion or belief. I have no prejudice against Muslims or any other religion for that matter. My hair salon is unique in the area where I work and is seen and perceived as an alternative salon. Anyone who works in my salon would be expected to help with the promotion of the salon. If an employee in my salon wore any type of head covering I would ask them to remove it.”

Mrs Noah is claiming £34,000 in compensation for religious discrimination from Miss Desrosiers, who says she faces financial ruin if she loses the case.

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Eva Longoria And Tony Parker Get An Apology

April 14, 2008 Comments off

Eva Longoria And Tony Parker

Actress Eva Longoria and her husband, San Antonio Spur Tony Parker, received an apology from photo agency X17 for printing a defamatory story about the basketball player cheating on his wife with French model Alexandra Paressant. Parker sued X17 for $40 million dollars. They have now settled and retracted their story.

Holes started appearing in Paressant’s story that were later exposed and confirmed, as her having made the entire episode up for reasons unknown.

It also turns out, the various photos online of Paressant, are actually of her friends who are models. Longoria even claimed in her response that Paressant had committed identity theft and used forged French documents.

Alexandra Paressant (maybe)

According to psychology papers, stalkers tend to engage in identity theft, among other things. It’s one of their trademarks. Paressant previously targeted soccer player Ronaldinho, who also denied her claims. He was the brunt of much criticism in his homeland, due to the things she said about him.

This was a very unpleasant story that caused the couple much embarrassment. It could have been avoided, but knowing X17, who will print anything, and I do mean anything, a star tells them to, even if it is invasive and gained through illegal means, I’m not surprise they didn’t vet this story before running with it…right into a legal brick wall. You got what you deserved for routinely printing any old foolishness on that blog without checking the true source.

“In December 2007, published over ten articles concerning Tony Parker and a woman named Alexandra Paressant. Various articles asserted that, after Mr. Parker was introduced to Ms. Paressant by Thierry Henry at this wedding to Eva Longoria, Mr. Parker engaged in sexual relations with Ms. Paressant.

“Since the publication of these articles, and X17, Inc. have discovered that Mr. Parker has never met with, or spoken to, Ms. Paressant nor has he ever had sexual relations with her. and X17, Inc. regret having been misled by Ms. Paressant and her representatives and apologize to Mr. Parker for any damage or inconvenience this may have caused him or his wife.”

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Lindsay Lohan And Co. Sued Again

April 8, 2008 Comments off

…By Another Bodyguard

April 8. 2008

Lindsay is picky…literally:

This family just stays sued. Last month, Lindsay Lohan’s mother was ordered to pay a former bodyguard $300,000. He loaned her the money to start her daughter’s career, then she tried to pretend it was a gift that didn’t require repayment. The judge decided otherwise and levied a $300,000 judgment against her.

This month Lindsay and co. are being sued by another bodyguard regarding unpaid wages.

Ex-bodyguard sues Lindsay Lohan for unpaid wages

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A former bodyguard for Lindsay Lohan has sued the actress, saying she owes him more than $55,000 in pay and expenses for protecting her from fans and paparazzi.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Mother Sued

March 27, 2008 Comments off
Judge Orders Her To Pay $300,000 To Lindsay’s Former Bodyguard

March 27. 2008

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina, has been sued with a $300,000 judgment issued against her, for a loan she refuses to repay. Typical of some in Hollywood, Lohan believes ripping people off is the way. Good on that judge for ordering her to do the right thing.

Her daughter Lindsay Lohan also has her fair share of legal woes, as she is neck deep in several lawsuits pertaining to people that were injured and suffered property damage, due to multiple, cocaine fuelled, drunk driving incidents that occurred several times over the last year.

Dina Lohan

Lohan’s Mother Ordered To Pay Former Minder $300,000

Actress/singer LINDSAY LOHAN’s mother DINA has been ordered to pay her daughter’s former bodyguard $300,000 (£150,000) after failing to reimburse an alleged loan.

Antonio Almeida filed a lawsuit in May 2006, claiming Dina failed to return the money he lent her to kick-start daughter Lindsay’s music career.

In a ruling signed off on 28 February (08) in New York’s Nassau County Court, Dina was ordered to pay Almeida and associate Mitchell Chait $300,000 plus interest and attorney’s fees.

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Alexandra Paressant’s Story Scrutinized

December 29, 2007 Comments off
More Holes Than Swiss Cheese

December 28. 2007

Model Alexandra Paressant’s infidelity claims against San Antonio Spur basketball player Tony Parker is going up in smoke. Last week I commented on “the holes in her story” asking whether or not “she and X17 could fill them in.”

Well, it looks like someone else is filling in those holes this week and not in a way that is helpful to Paressant or X17. Huffington Post and People magazine writer Dana Kennedy has been shooting more holes in her story than a rapper in a drive by.

Parker, once again, denies even meeting her, though she is alleging an adulterous sexual relationship with him. While I’m no authority on sex, aren’t you supposed to be in the same room for it to happen.

Among the highlights listed in the exposé Kennedy alleges the following:

1. Paressant used other models photos for her MySpace page. This I believe. In searching for photos to accompany the articles I wrote about the Paressant scandal, from pic to pic her eyes and facial bone structure looked different. Models are often chameleons, but it’s hard to change the shape of your eyes, forehead and jaw line from pic to pic, as those usually remain constant.

Side bar: she has a fan page on MySpace that didn’t look very new – who created that?

2. Paressant allegedly conned famous model Hana Nitsche into doing a video about “Tony Parker” in which she told her to say he is “a wonderful lover.” I wrote about that a couple weeks ago and commented on how “spacey” she looked in that video, comparing her to Jessica Simpson. It just looked like bad acting. It was odd.

Turns out Paressant told Nitsche the video was an audition for a film and fed her the lines to say. That’s scary that someone would go that far.

3. Paressant pasted pics together of herself with photos of Ronaldinho and digitally altered them to make it appear they were a couple, then flooded message boards with items about them dating. She then went on to tell the press that she kept him up having sex and playing video games and it led to him playing poorly and Brazil losing the World Cup.

For the rest of Kennedy’s exposé visit:

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Things Get Pretty Ugly For Pretty Ricky

December 21, 2007 Comments off
Miami Quartet Pretty Ricky Loses Lead Singer To Solo Effort…And Abuse Allegations

December 20. 2007

Capping off Warner Bros’ terrible year that’s seen its stock plummet like Tony Romo with Jessica Simpson in the stands, comes news that Miami quartet Pretty Ricky, comprised of four brothers, lost its lead member due to said singer going solo…and suing the group for withheld royalties and physical intimidation.

While I couldn’t care less about what happens to Warner Bros, you guys are brothers all 500 of you and shouldn’t fight each other like that. The entertainment industry has a terrible way of tearing families apart.

Side bar: Several months ago I bought sheets in that exact same color and material…but it wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The pillows kept sliding out from under my head. It was like sleeping on a bar of soap. So, imagine what I thought when I saw this photo of Pretty Ricky recently – watch them slide off the stage in those outfits.

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Tony Parker Sues X17

December 21, 2007 Comments off
Basketball Player Files Suit Against Photo Agency Over Infidelity Story

December 20. 2007

Remember my December 15, 2007 article about the Tony Parker infidelity claims, where I wrote will he sue and, “Maybe he doesn’t know how to say the following in English, ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman.’ You teach him how to say it, Bubba (Bill Clinton).”

Well, Tony Parker sued X17 yesterday and I burst out laughing when I read the following line in the federal lawsuit, “Tony Parker has never had sexual relations with a woman named Alexandra Paressant.”

Tony, never quote Bill Clinton in a situation like this. I was kidding. Just trust me on this one. It’s like quoting Wilt Chamberlain.

Seriously, he is denying even meeting her at all. He is also saying that she lied regarding being at his wedding and as a guest of celebrity soccer player Thierry Henry.

- Aisha says like Ricky Ricardo- X17, you got some explaining to do.

X17, can you and Alexandra fill in the holes in your story. It would be beneficial considering he is suing you for $20 million dollars.

Furthermore, Ms. Paressant I don’t get. If she wanted to have a rich and or famous boyfriend (hey, some famous dudes are broke, hence the and or in that statement) all she had to do was act normal and one of them would have dated and probably married her (providing she didn’t go psycho on them).

She is a pretty woman apparently just like in the movie too, many men, especially famous men would have gone out with her. She also has a modeling career (Victoria Secret and other notable companies). She didn’t have to do this (well, no one has to do this). Now you’re going to have to pose in a whole bunch of fountains to pay those legal fees.

Why go this route? You claim you were cheating with a man who cheated on you, so basically you got what you deserved, if that is the case.

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Tony Parker To Sue X17 And Le Bimbo Alexandra Paressant

December 20, 2007 Comments off
Basketball Player Angry Over Model’s Infidelity Claims

December 19. 2007

This is a follow up to my December 15, 2007 article where I questioned will basketball player Tony Parker sue model Alexandra Paressant over her claims that he cheated on his wife, Eva Longoria, with her.

Well, looks like I got my answer. Parker, tired of turning the other cheek, has decided to sue the model and photo agency X17. He has denied her allegations through his attorney (but he needs to deny them himself).

His attorney Stanton “Larry” Stein stated, “Tony adamantly and unconditionally denies ever having laid eyes on this woman, let alone having had an affair with her. The allegations of the supposed affair are entirely false and fabricated. We will pursue all legal remedies against those making such false accusations.”

The model took her claims to new heights on Monday, spilling allegedly private details that in my opinion, just went too far. It was very crass and disrespectful to his wife.

Le Bimbo (yes I speak French, ok no I don’t, but it is such a romantic language) has not commented on the legal slap from Parker, who she alleges had sex with her best friend, hence her anger and tell alls.

Still, what did Eva Longoria do to you to make you disparage her sexually in the manner you have.

As proof of the alleged affair she produced a photo of Parker in his hotel room sent to her by text, an airline reservation to San Antonio where he lives and details about his house in Texas.

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Madonna Sues Condo Building

December 13, 2007 Comments off

Madonna Sues Condo Building

…When She Should Sue Her Surgeon

Condom Condo Owners, Like The Rest Of The Public, Tired Of Madonna

Daily Mail pics show under eye surgery bruising

According to publicity seeking, placed articles in the press, Madonna is suing the New York condo building she stalks from lives in, for not allowing her to buy a neighboring unit to expand her current abode.

Just let her do it – if it will keep her in that condo and away from stalking younger singers and actresses like Billie Piper, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and others, in the name of Kabbalah and recapturing her youth, so be it.

Besides, she needs the extra room to store her Botox injections that give her face that Madame Toussad look year round. She’s overdone it with the Botox. She looks cryogenically frozen at this point.

Speaking of that…why does she always look like she’s just been tazered. The people in that crazy cult all have that insane look – demented eyes and a crazy smirk, like they just got EST (electro shock therapy).

She keeps publicly denying the plastic surgery like that scary look she is sporting is natural. She’s had a lot of work done. Madonna has been cut more times than a gang member.

I logged onto an entertainment news site only to be startled by one of her recent pictures they posted on the front page. It’s obvious she’s had her eyes, mouth, nose and cheeks done, yet she is trying to play it off like nothing happened.

She’s walking around with the fakest looking cheeks, like the plastic surgeon left the sponges in them, yet is trying to deny she had any work done.

What? is it the bee stung look for cheeks? Did a bee sting you? Well, clearly it was a bee with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and because he stung you on the left cheek he had to sting you on the right one too.

She’s got that full on tiger effect going. I’m not against plastic surgery, but I am against silly stars lying about it, putting pressure on women everywhere for not aging as they do.

50 year old women looking at Madonna and Demi Moore, who both symbolize the epitome of mid-life fakeness in Hollywood, not realizing they’ve had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work done. Never mind they are telling you it’s due to genetics and because they take care of themselves…and their plastic surgeons.

I am against bad plastic surgery as well. The kind that leaves women scarred or looking unnatural. It is better to have wrinkles and cellulite than to have that happen. The best kind of surgery is the kind people don’t realize you’ve had.

The best remedy for growing older is to do it with dignity. Sometimes I look at certain stars and I am horrified at their conduct. God grants me life and I reach 50, I would hope I’d have the good sense to focus on my faith and family, not go around acting like a teenager, not date someone half my age and not have my face pulled back into the next time zone.

There is a beauty to aging with dignity that many Hollywood stars just don’t get. They try to squeeze into genres and circles they don’t belong anymore.

Not content with having had their time in the spotlight during their youth, they desperately and lecherously try to take the next generation’s time as well. Even if it means embarrassing themselves and destroying younger stars with bad advice and vampire-like leeching in the process.

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Hogan Family Faces Crisis

November 24, 2007 Comments off

Civil Suit Over Son’s Car Accident, Hulk Hogan’s Wife Files For Divorce

November 23. 2007

Video clip of the Hogan family from “Vehicular Lunatics” street racing DVD

Pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan is facing divorce from his wife of 24 years, Linda. She filed for divorce on November 20, 2007. The family had been thrust into the spotlight over the last couple years with their realty show, Hogan Knows Best, filmed in Tampa and Miami, Florida.

Recently, their son, Nick, was involved in a car accident that left his passenger, soldier John Graziano, in a vegetative state. Graziano’s skull was broken in the accident, rendering him comatose. His family is preparing to file a civil suit against the Hogans, as it is being said Nick was street racing when the accident happened, which is illegal. Hogan was wearing a seatbelt, Graziano was not.

The State of Florida has filed felony charges against Nick, whose blood alcohol level the night of the accident was 0.055. While that is under the legal limit of .08, Hogan is a minor and not allowed to consume alcohol. He is being charged as an adult as well. Nick’s license has been suspended, as he was cited 4 times in one month for speeding in separate incidences.

It is regrettable that a family that seemed close, especially a husband and wife who have been married for so many years, is now facing divorce.

This is the worse possible time they should try to divorce. With all that’s going on with their son and his friend that is now on life support, they don’t need to add divorce to the mix.

Divorce is a sad thing and it is my hope that they reconcile. They seem well suited to each other.

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