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Obama Fundraising Totals Doubles That Of McCain

August 12, 2008 Comments off

Barack Obama

Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, cleaned up in fundraising during the month of June 2008, bringing in $52 million dollars. His totals for the month double that of his rival, Republican presidential candidate, John McCain. Large portions of the candidates’ money will no doubt be spent on advertising.

John McCain: little boy, do you have any money.

One thing I noticed, McCain has covered all his bases in spending money for ads on TV and the internet. However, Obama has not really spent money advertising online.

I haven’t seen Obama’s ads on any of the blogs, which cumulatively reach tens of millions of people per month, while McCain’s ads are dominating in this arena, especially Google.

Obama announces big June haul

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Barack Obama’s campaign on Thursday announced it raised $52 million last month — more than double the amount rival John McCain brought in, according to campaign officials for the presumed Democratic presidential nominee.

Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign has $72 million available to spend, campaign officials say.

Mugabe Stole Election

July 25, 2008 Comments off

When You’re The Only One Running You Can Do That

Have you ever heard of a one man election? Me neither. What has to be one of the greatest farces of an election in modern times, happened recently in Zimbabwe, when dictator Robert Mugabe forced his rival, Morgan Tsvangirai, out of a run off election, using violence.

The previous vote showed Morgan had won, but Mugabe was not happy with the results and resorted to intimidation, violence, murder and torture to regain power.

Many world leaders are vowing not to honor the results of the one man election, as Mugabe went too far. No one respects election fraud. It says to the world one is power hungry and unethical.

Morgan Tsvangirai is the rightful president.

Mugabe sworn in after one-man election

HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was sworn in on Sunday after being declared overwhelming winner of a one-man election which observers said was scarred by violence and intimidation.

Mugabe was the only candidate and went ahead with the vote despite a wave of international censure. The United States, which says it is preparing new sanctions, called on Sunday for strong international action.

CNN: When Will Bill Clinton Endorse Obama

July 8, 2008 Comments off

Clintons Clamming Up

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

CNN’s Wolf “They’re So Black” Blitzer asked a very pertinent question today on CNN’s site. When oh when will Bill Clinton endorse fellow Democrat, Barack Obama, for president. What’s the hold up.

Chelsea and Bill Clinton

When TMZ trailed stalked Chelsea Clinton down a New York street and asked her if she will be endorsing Obama, she clammed up and didn’t answer their question.

The whole things seems really ungracious.

Blitzer: When will Bill Clinton back Obama?

It dawned on me yesterday that we still haven’t heard the former President formally endorse Senator Obama.

Bush & Brown

July 5, 2008 Comments off

Ill-Timed Photo-Ops

On April 2, 2008 in an article titled Bush And Britain I wrote that Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, would have been better off meeting with the U.S. congress instead of George Bush.

Well, he didn’t. He met with Bush in Washington and the photos were subsequently splashed all over the world. Angry British citizens, who overwhelmingly hate the war (I mean, they really hate the war) hit Brown’s party Labour where it hurts, withdrawing their votes and placing them with the opposition.

In May 2008, for the first time in 30 years, a Tory mayor was elected in London and many council seats were lost in the election as well. Brown was devastated.

Yesterday, a slew of new photos of Bush and a nervous looking Brown hit the world press, once again upsetting the British people, who see the president as the author of the ill-fated Iraq war.

You should have told Bush you were doing this:

I don’t fathom how this was the best idea when an election looms in the not too distant future. In light of that, Bush was inconsiderate to do this to Brown.

To Mr. Brown: When Bush called, couldn’t you have coughed into the phone and said he can’t come over right now, because you have the bubonic plague or something.

Bush has become political poison. Even his Republican Party is keeping their distance and the Democrats are lapping up what’s happened in the abuse being heaped on him from all sides for all the trouble he has brought on America.

He’s been unmasked as a villain, war criminal and human rights violator. Yet, you continue aligning yourself with him in public. Brave man indeed.

You may think I’m being hard on him, but Bush got the better end of the deal in being bashed, as opposed to the 3,000 soldiers and 1 million Iraqis that died over a war that is a lie.

Bush touched Brown a couple of times, making him recoil like a novice nun then smile in terror

He referred to his sidekick as ‘Gordon’. He touched Mr Brown a couple of times (making Mr Brown recoil like a novice nun at first and later smile in terror).

‘I have no pra-blem with how Gordon Brown is dealing with Eye-raq,’ he said.

You could almost see Mr Brown thinking: ‘Oh Gawd, there go another few thousand votes’.

Mr Bush altered the pace of his delivery, took a pleasingly opinionated swipe at criticism of his foreign policy, bluffed his way through some transparent guff about his ‘mult-eye-lateral’ diplomatic approach and flung wide his arms in a variety of poses.

At one point he was almost dancing for the benefit of the photographers whose speedmotor lenses were clickering like mad.

I didn’t hear the lensmen take many pictures of Gordon, though.

Bush has been the most disastrous president of modern times. Just count the days till we can cheer his departure

End of a destructive era: Outgoing President Bush

TV viewers will know it as the oldest sitcom joke in the world: a relative from hell arrives on the doorstep, demanding to stay the night. Cue the children fleeing to the neighbours for refuge, while dad stomps off to the pub.

Well, that is the jape that the President of the United States has been playing on every major capital in Europe.

Al Gore Endorses Obama

June 27, 2008 Comments off

Former Vice President Al “Global Warming” Gore, has endorsed Democratic nominee Barack Obama for president. Gore served as Bill Clinton’s VP. You know what this means! Aly is getting added to the Clintons’ enemies list.

Michelle and Barack Obama

This endorsement adds to the many high profile nods Obama has racked up during this presidential campaign.

story source

Hillary Clinton Is Up A Creek

June 3, 2008 Comments off

…And The DNC Refuses To Give Her A Paddle

Chelsea to Hillary Clinton: you know we lost, right.
Hillary to Chelsea Clinton: yes, but keep smiling like nothing happened and maybe no one will notice.

The DNC has decided to halve the votes from the states of Florida And Michigan, who are being penalized for moving up primaries. As a result, Barack Obama gained, “67 pledged delegates from Florida and 59 from Michigan” and Hillary Clinton received “105 pledged delegates from Florida and 69 from Michigan.”

Barack Obama currently has 2,078 delegates, while Hillary Clinton has 1,915. Once again, Obama is still way ahead of her, by 174 delegates, putting him only 40 away from the nomination that requires 2,118.

Also being disputed is Hillary Clinton claiming the popular vote. An AP article contends:

“…And questioned her popular vote claim. Her assertion includes estimates for caucuses in Iowa, Nevada, Maine and Washington state, where no official candidate popular vote is available. It also includes the results from Florida, where no campaigning occurred, as well as Michigan, where Obama did not receive any votes because his name was not on the ballot.”

Florida, Michigan get all delegates, but each gets half vote

The committee’s ruling gave Clinton 105 pledged delegates from Florida and 69 from Michigan, with a total of 87 votes. Obama received 67 pledged delegates from Florida and 59 from Michigan, casting a total of 63 votes.

That tally leaves Obama ahead by the equivalent of 174 delegates.

If each delegate had been granted a full vote, Clinton still would have trailed Obama.

Story found here

DNC: Florida And Michigan Can’t Be Fully Seated

May 29, 2008 Comments off

Hillary’s Out Of Gas

Barack Obama (left) Hillary Clinton (right)

Lawyers for the Democratic party have announced that all of Florida and Michigan’s delegates cannot be seated, as it would be a violation of the DNC’s rules, in light of the fact that both states improperly moved up their primaries.

Unlike Hillary, Obama did not campaign in Michigan and his name was not on the ballot, as all had agreed prior to the primaries that the voting results of Florida and Michigan would be null and void. Therefore, there can be no fair way to address the disenfranchisement of Michigan voters.

Michelle and Barack Obama

DNC lawyers stated the most they could do was seat half the delegates in each state, which still would not give Hillary Clinton the win she desires, as even under that scenario, Obama is still too far ahead.

Dem lawyers: Fla., Mich. can’t be fully restored

May 28, 8:03 AM (ET) – WASHINGTON (AP) – A Democratic Party rules committee has the authority to seat some delegates from Michigan and Florida but not fully restore the two states as Hillary Rodham Clinton wants, according to party lawyers.

Democratic National Committee rules require that the two states lose at least half of their convention delegates for holding elections too early, the party’s legal experts wrote in a 38-page memo.

Story found here

Bubba Busy Blaming

May 27, 2008 Comments off

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Remember years ago Hillary said there is a vast right wing conspiracy trying to crush her husband. Now Bill Clinton is implying there is a vast left wing conspiracy launching a cover up to knock Hillary out of the election in favor of Obama.

I thought cover ups only worked when you are winning or ahead – and Hillary’s not winning by any accepted criteria to determine the nominee.

Left wing conspiracy, right wing conspiracy – keep it up and you guys will have a whole chicken.

Bill Clinton says wife is victim of a ‘cover up’

“’Oh, this is so terrible: The people they want her. Oh, this is so terrible: She is winning the general election, and he is not. Oh my goodness, we have to cover this up.'”

Story found here

Hillary Hanging On Hoping Obama Gets Killed

May 26, 2008 Comments off

Obama: she said what!

Hillary Clinton has taken her campaign to new lows. Just two months ago I warned that Hillary needed to concede and stop stretching out this election, as the math had reached a point where a win just wasn’t feasible anymore, and with so many Democratic scandals erupting, “If this thing goes on much longer, what will come out next.” Well, she didn’t listen and something worse came out, damaging the Democratic party.

This time she’s gotten herself into trouble. She made statements, enraging many, illustrating the fact that she is staying in the race in case Obama gets assassinated like Robert F. Kennedy. She not only said it, she spoke it with hope, and a crazy little stare, like she was imagining it.

Hillary daydreaming: I can picture it now!

She is hanging on in a political race with the hopes her top rival, who beat the pants off her, gets assassinated. What did he do to you to deserve that? Did he try to kill you? No. Did he sleep with your daughter? No.

Boy, it makes you wonder about that Clinton Body Count list when you hear things like her latest statements. I told you she was dangerous. She has an evil mind.

Here it is, I and many others are hoping the election doesn’t escalate into violence, yet that appears to be Hillary’s plan B to win the race.

Wow, you can tell she really hates him.

Kennedys Feel Bobby-Socked -Outraged RFK Kin Says Hill’s Now Toast

May 25, 2008 — Members of the Kennedy family are incensed over Hillary Rodham Clinton’s invoking the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy to explain why she’s staying in the race – and they think it could be the death knell of an increasingly desperate and sloppy campaign.

“That comment may be the last nail in her campaign’s coffin,” a Kennedy relative told The Post. “How can Hillary even use the experience argument when she repeatedly pushes the wrong buttons in her comments?”

Story found here

When Elections Threaten To Turn Murderous

May 21, 2008 Comments off

Today, the Roswell Beacon (Georgia) ran an item about disgruntled race hate groups that may try to kill black candidate Barack Obama in the run up to the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

Barack Obama hoping to stay off the Clinton Body Count list

In Zimbabwe politician Morgan Tsvangirai has publicly accused president Robert Mugabe of plotting to murder him for running against him in the election, whose results are being disputed. Wow, tough room.

Morgan Tsvangirai

Zimbabwe holds democratic elections, and thus, people should be free to establish their candidacies, without fear of reprisal.

Robert Mugabe

As a world community, the standing rule should be, elections should never transition into violence. In countries that allow citizens to vote, elections should be fair and accurate (you heard that Diebold), reflecting the will of the people, not the will of the candidate.

Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto was murdered in Pakistan this year for daring to run for office. Many say she knew what she was getting into and that she would be assassinated, but that’s no excuse for murder.

Becoming a head of state anywhere in the world, should not be this difficult – too many people trying to pick off others they disagree with, in acts of cold blooded murder. Is this what so-called power does to people.

It’s difficult enough having to prepare your platform via finding ways to combat poverty, famine, disease, and preparing for then rebuilding after natural disasters that inevitably strike all nations at some point or another. However, it is fundamentally wrong and unjust, that one cannot peacefully and productively run for office without having the proverbial target slapped on your back.

Robert Mugabe’s men in plot to kill Morgan Tsvangirai

ZIMBABWE’S opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was forced to cancel his planned return home yesterday after learning of a plot by President Robert Mugabe’s forces to kill him.

Tsvangirai had planned to launch his campaign today for next month’s run-off election for president with a rally in Bula-wayo that would have marked the start of what was billed as a nationwide “victory tour”.

As he was preparing to leave for Johannesburg airport at 8am yesterday to fly to Zimbabwe, he received a telephone call from a sympathiser within Mugabe’s state security apparatus, warning him that he would be assassinated. When he passed the details to his own security team, they refused to let him travel.

“He gets phone calls of threats every day but this was specific, a well-structured plan,” said George Sibotshiwe, Tsvangirai’s spokesman. “Politically and personally he desperately wanted to be back, but he’s no help to Zimbabweans dead.”

Story found here


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