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Hollywood Wiretap And Harassment Trial Reveals Pattern Of Abusing Innocent People

April 3, 2008 Comments off

The truth has been coming out in the Anthony Pellicano illegal wiretap, racketeering, harassment and witness tampering trial.

Court testimony and subsequent articles over the last week reveal that one of my main grievances outlined in my United Nations human rights complaint from September 2007, regarding an incident where an assailant tried to run me over with a car, while I was on foot going to use a payphone for some privacy from my illegally wiretapped line, is one of Anthony Pellicano’s methods of harassment.

Pellicano is Madonna’s private eye and her lawyer’s as well. An excerpt from my United Nations human rights complaint:


“This month, on August 9, 2007, shortly after 1 PM someone deliberately tried to run me down with their car outside a plaza that is across from a mall that I have frequented since I was a kid, that is now coincidentally located on the same street as Madonna’s newly established Kabbalah Center in Miami.” – September 2007

The payphone incident wasn’t the first time it happened, nor was it the last, but it was the worst and done with the intent to kill.

Two others have now said in the last week that the psychopath Pellicano hired and or wanted to hire people to run over wiretap victims with a car.

The woman that triggered the FBI case against him, Los Angeles Times journalist Anita Busch, revealed in the New York Times a week ago:

“Two men in a Mercedes tried to run her down outside her apartment.”- March 2008

Another man who hired him to illegally wiretap an innocent man, admitted under a plea deal that Anthony Pellicano suggested he pay him to hire someone to kill the wiretap victim by running him over with a car.

“Mr. Sender testified. “He would have someone follow him back, drive him off the road and bury his body somewhere in the desert…‘you’ve spent all this money, why don’t you just whack (kill) him?’ ” – March 2008

These revelations confirm that this is how Hollywood operates, utilizing these sick Anthony Pellicano tactics against innocent people.

When the harassment against me commenced in Miami, Anthony Pellicano was a free man running his criminal enterprise out of Los Angeles.

He taught these Hollywood lawyers and star clients that this was the way to dispose of problems, also known as innocent people, who choose to speak out about wrongdoing, go to the FBI or become too much of a legal burden when your chickens come home to roost.

However, since the time of his incarceration, the illegal wiretapping and harassment of me in Miami has continued, and been witnessed by many credible people.

All the forms of harassment that have been utilized against me, which I formally reported to the FBI in 2005, have since been revealed in his current trial two and a half years later, as Anthony Pellicano tactics (wiretapping, hackings, break-ins, stalking and attempting to run people over with cars).

“In 1999, Mr. Sender invested $1.1 million with Mr. Russo. Later, Mr. Sender sued Mr. Russo, accusing him of pocketing the money. Mr. Russo dodged process servers for more than a year, until Mr. Pellicano was brought into the case at the urging of Mr. Sender’s new lawyer, Bert Fields. (Mr. Sender said he paid Mr. Fields’s firm about $300,000, but recovered only $25,000 from Mr. Russo.)

Mr. Sender testified Tuesday that Mr. Pellicano had wiretapped Mr. Russo for a year and had played recordings of Mr. Russo’s intercepted phone calls for him 10 or 15 times. But Mr. Pellicano grew sick of listening to Mr. Russo, Mr. Sender said. And, in a “frightening” moment in the garden of Mr. Sender’s mansion in Bel-Air, he said, Mr. Pellicano suggested killing Mr. Russo.

Mr. Pellicano said that “if I wanted to, I could basically authorize him” to have Mr. Russo “murdered on the way back from Las Vegas,” Mr. Sender testified. “He would have someone follow him back, drive him off the road and bury his body somewhere in the desert.” Mr. Sender said he had declined.

On cross-examination, Mr. Pellicano, acting as his own lawyer and speaking of himself in the third person, seemed more concerned with getting his own words right than with disputing Mr. Sender’s account. He does not face any charges related to Mr. Sender’s statements.

“Didn’t Mr. Pellicano say, ‘You’ve spent all this money, why don’t you just whack him?’ ” Mr. Pellicano asked. “Didn’t Mr. Pellicano say, ‘If you feel so badly about it, why don’t you just have him killed?’ ” “He might’ve phrased it that way,” Mr. Sender said.

“I was telling the truth, and no one was believing me,” she said. “People started questioning whether I had somehow lost my mind. It’s hard to take, when you’re telling the truth and people are looking at you sideways and laughing in your face.”

“Some of it seemed pretty fantastical at first,” said R. Kinsey Lowe, then a Los Angeles Times editor. “But even paranoid people do have enemies. And she had a way of getting dirt.”

On Aug. 13, unknown to Ms. Busch, an F.B.I. informant recorded a suspect saying that the threat on her had not done any good — she was “back at it.” On Aug. 16, she said, two men in a Mercedes tried to run her down outside her apartment.

In October 2002, a man was arrested for the June threat. A few weeks later, court records show, a Pacific Bell repairman found “some equipment” on her phone lines; a technician later told her it was a wiretap.

“It was, literally, watching your career disappear in front of your eyes, and you can’t do anything about it,” Ms. Busch said. “It was all I ever wanted to do,” she said of journalism. “I loved it — past tense. It just wasn’t in me anymore.”

“I don’t really want anybody to know what I’m doing,” she said. “I’m trying to find a new career to love.”

“I hired Mr. Pellicano because he told me he could listen in” to the young woman’s phone calls, a shaken George Kalta, 37, told U.S. District Judge Dale S. Fischer, as he entered his guilty plea. “That was the only reason I hired Mr. Pellicano.”

But criminal defense attorney Leslie Abramson, representing Kalta, said outside court on Friday that Pellicano bragged to her client about listening in on other people’s conversations and about having connections within law enforcement. The connections included “a contact” in the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office and a police officer who he said could get him a district attorney’s memo for $5,000.

“He bragged about how he did this [wiretapping] for other clients,” Abramson said. “He said that is why people pay him so much.

“Pellicano Wiretap Witness Admits Scheme” – Los Angeles Times, March 18, 2006

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Anthony Pellicano’s Mafia Ties

January 29, 2008 Comments off

Anthony Pellicano’s Mafia Ties

January 29. 2008

Anthony Pellicano, the disgraced and incarcerated private investigator to Madonna, Bert Fields, Tom Cruise, O.J. Simpson and Brad Grey, has ties to the Mafia.

For years he’d cultivated an image of a Sicilian, baseball bat carrying, knife wielding, Godfather watching thug, nicknamed “The Sin Eater,” but there is actually a reason for his conduct – according to numerous credible reports, he is mixed up with the mafia.

The harassment of Los Angeles Times writer Anita Busch by Anthony Pellicano has a mafia angle. Busch was investigating his client, actor Steven Seagal, and his ties to the mafia, which has since been widely written about in the press.

Last year Anthony Pellicano was also formally accused by the government of calling for a mob hit on one of his former employees, to stop him from testifying at the PI’s forthcoming Hollywood trial for illegal wiretapping, harassment and witness intimidation, in an ongoing case that’s already netted 12 arrests.

“Feds Say Anthony Pellicano Was Part of Joey “The Clown” Lombardo’s Crew”

The Chicago Sun-Times reports: Allegations of mob ties have long dogged Anthony Pellicano, once the private investigator of choice for Hollywood stars.

On Thursday, for the first time, the feds marked his place in Chicago mob history, saying he once belonged to the mob crew of Joseph “Joey the Clown” Lombardo.

A former associate of Lombardo, Alva Johnson Rodgers, is cooperating with the feds and is expected to testify at trial that Pellicano asked him to torch two buildings in the mid-1970s.

Pellicano grew up in Cicero and worked in Chicago for years before heading to California. The Sun-Times first reported last month that Pellicano did the investigative work to provide Lombardo with an alibi for the 1974 murder of a key federal witness against Lombardo.

In one case, Pellicano allegedly paid Rodgers to shut down a restaurant. Rodgers got some neighborhood kids to break the restaurant’s windows, which hurt business, but Pellicano allegedly was looking for something a little more permanent, like burning the place down. Rodgers allegedly declined and refused to give Pellicano his money back.

In another instance, previously reported by the Sun-Times, Pellicano allegedly asked Rodgers to burn down a building in the northwest suburbs, and Rodgers complied. No word yet from Hollywood liberals who’ve hired Pellicano over the years.”

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Name That Federal Director

January 21, 2008 Comments off

Name That Federal Director

January 21. 2008

For said individual delving into people’s private lives and allowing others to as well, in violation of the Constitution and all applicable laws, which Director of a federal law enforcement agency did ALL of the following:

Cheated on his wife.

Is in love with an actress.

Spent too much money on federal items he knew to be of no use.

Has peculiar offshore holdings that Congress should take a very close look at.

Has pulled wiretaps on innocent people – and further read their medical records in violation of patients’ privacy rights.

Has planted lies about people to get his own way.

Gives to charities he thinks will return favors.

Spends too much time writing to people he doesn’t know.

Still plays with a toy he is not supposed to.

Has been given an ultimatum he doesn’t like by someone in his life.

Has been unlawfully moving around federal files people have been lawfully requesting under the Freedom Of Information Act, having agents do the dirty work for him, under the auspices of doing it for your country, when in actuality they are doing it for him and breaking scores of federal laws in the process, certain to draw Congressional charges of the worst order if found out.

Got outed a few days ago in the British press, in credible publications, for lying and obstruction of justice in another case dealing with corrupt domestic government officials selling state secrets of a nuclear nature to a foreign country.

An unimpeachable, non-Florida source in the U.S. government, thoroughly familiar with him, who is also a fan of the site, previously informed me that said Director has also “obstructed justice” in another very serious federal case and just how he did it. He made the same kind of claims about an unrelated case, before this latest incident in the British Press last week, but it betrays the same pattern of misconduct by said Director.

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The FBI Wiretapped 27 Million Calls In One Year

January 21, 2008 Comments off

The FBI Wiretapped 27 Million Calls In One Year

January 21. 2008

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Recently, it was reported the FBI wiretapped 27 million phone calls in one year. Are there really that many terrorists in America. The country would cease to exist if there was that much terrorist activity in one year and not one terrorist has been caught via wiretapping.

Furthermore, if terrorists are speaking in their native tongue and using local lingo or made up jargon, translators will not know what they are talking about anyway.

An innocuous example of this is teenagers who speak English using modern slang and adults looking on baffled as to just what they are talking about.

What were these 27 million calls about, then. No wonder the agency can’t pay its phone bill:

“Can they hear you now?”

By Eric Heyl
Friday, January 18, 2008

WASHINGTON — National security experts are heralding a bold new FBI initiative that should significantly bolster the country’s anti-terrorism efforts.

The bureau announced today that it will set up payment plans to gradually pay off its overdue phone bills. The move is intended to enable the bureau to eventually resume numerous wiretaps that telecommunications companies have shut off because of the delinquencies.

FBI Recorded 27 Million FISA ‘Sessions’ in 2006

At the end of 2006, the FBI’s Telecommunications Intercept and Collection Technology Unit compiled an end-of-the-year report touting its accomplishments to management, a report that was recently unearthed via an open government request from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Strikingly, the report said that the FBI’s software for recording telephone surveillance of suspected spies and terrorists intercepted 27,728,675 sessions.

Twenty-seven million is a staggering number given that the FBI only got 2,176 FISA court orders in 2006 from a secret spy court using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

According to the math that means each court order resulted in 12,742 “sessions,” all in regards to phone, not internet, surveillance.

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Bert Fields Lost In Court

January 12, 2008 Comments off
FBI Probe Subject Bert Fields Loses Copyright Case

 January 11. 2008

“The names cited in an indictment of private eye Anthony Pellicano read like a road map leading to Bertram Fields and his famous clients.” – Robert W. Welkos, L.A. Times, Photo: Al Seib

Madonna’s attorney Bert Fields, no relation to Mrs. Fields, who is the subject of an FBI probe into illegal wiretapping, in conjunction with that of their incarcerated private eye, Anthony Pellicano, lost a round AGAIN in court having to do with a copyright infringement case. The lawsuit is regarding the film “Sahara” starring Matthew McConaghuey. 

Previously, the judge ordered Fields’ client, Clive Cussler, to pay $5 million dollars to Crusader Entertainment. This week, judge John P. Shook, denied a motion that was attached to Bert Fields’ amended complaint, which was an attempt to block payment of said sum (article link).

Fields’ influence with the courts is clearly waning. Hmm I wonder why. What oh what could it be that’s changed.

But look at the bright side. You are an 80 year old, stressed out, cantankerous, overworked, press mouthpiece for trouble prone stars – you could kick the bucket before the FBI gets a chance to lock you up.

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PI Anthony Pellicano To Be His Own Lawyer

January 10, 2008 Comments off
Well, He’ll Be Staying In Jail, Then

January 9. 2008

In news that’s sure to scare the life out of Hollywood, indicted wiretapping private investigator Anthony Pellicano will be representing himself at trial, which is a bad idea in a criminal case. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel.

Side Bar: Is the electric chair an option in this case. Just checking.

John Mc Tiernan

Pellicano has done work for clients such as Madonna, Tom “Xenu” Cruise, O.J. Simpson, Brad Grey and Die Hard director John McTiernan, who has already been sentenced to jail in the case.

Pellicano to Represent Self in Trial

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday reluctantly allowed Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano to take over as his own lawyer in his trial on charges of illegally wiretapping celebrities.

U.S. District Judge Dale S. Fischer told Pellicano it was a bad decision but he was required by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling to allow the private investigator to do so if he insisted.

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Burkle Blames Ovitz For Pellicano Invasion Of Privacy

December 2, 2007 Comments off

Grocery Store Mogul Ron Burkle

Grocery magnate, billionaire Ron Burkle, slammed disgraced former Hollywood CEO, Michael Ovtiz, accusing him of hiring the now incarcerated, Anthony Pellicano, to illegally spy on him via wiretaps and other unsavory conduct. The pattern of invasion of privacy and harassment Burkle complains of, fits that of Pellicano’s numerous victims.

“Michael hired Anthony Pellicano to come out and tap my phones and provide other illegal activity, which I think is repulsive and, I think, it speaks to his character,” Burkle said in a deposition.” – Bloomberg

In other Anthony Pellicano news, the disgraced PI is whining from prison that the Feds violated his 6th Amendment rights. Oh, put a cork in it, already. You worry about protecting your major orifices in jail and let everybody else be the judge of whose rights got violated, Mr. I wiretap, hack, threaten and stalk people when I’m not breaking into their homes Watergate style.

All of a sudden Pellicano cares about human rights. It’s so hypocritical coming from this man. He violated most of the U.S. Code and Constitution at innocent people’s expense, yet he is complaining about rights violations.

He allegedly wiretapped, hacked and destroyed hard drives, stalked, committed identity theft as harassment and threatened many people. He did this repeatedly on behalf of stars in Hollywood and allegedly a certain 2008 Presidential Candidate with connections to celebrities that wanted to know things about opponents, business partners, spouses in divorces and potentially lucrative new companies they wished to defraud out of their assets.

This man is alleged to have threatened a woman and her disabled child, to persuade her not to pursue legal action against one of his dirty clients.

This man is alleged to have sent people their live children’s death certificates with notes stating he knows where they go to school.

He allegedly harassed and terrorized one woman so badly in Los Angeles on behalf of a Hollywood degenerate, terrifying her to such degrees that she flew all the way to Israel to phone and report it to the FBI in America, as Pellicano was said to have bugged her phone and property, watching her every move, as he has done to others.

This is the type of psychopath we’re dealing with. It takes a sick mind to do these things. Yet stars in Hollywood, some of whom have been indicted, with more to follow, knew and kept lining up to pay this man to engage in this very illegal conduct.

Because in Hollywood they are long on money and short on brains. Under the law, if you commission a crime, you may as well have done it by the time it gets through criminal court.

As far as I am concerned, as someone who has seen your tactics up close, they need to lock you away and throw away the key, as you are a psychopathic public menace that cannot be trusted with any form of freedom.

And the stars that knowingly paid you are just as disgusting and contemptible as you are. You Hollywood degenerates that paid this man need a dose of your own medicine via a government probe. Criminals are subjected to this, so why not you, as you have broken the law:

You need to be wiretapped via judicial order with your business and that of your family ending up in transcripts, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You need to be followed around and watched like a house pet, by government employees, to see exactly what you get up to, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You need to be threatened and barked at, but by government employees questioning you to ascertain just how much you knew and when, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You need to have your computers hacked, hard drives copied, bank accounts scanned, medical records accessed and prescriptions photocopied, but by government employees, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You deserve some old fashioned justice in legally being subjected to the same treatment you dished out, but at the hands of the authorities, in action other criminals have had to face in government sanctioned investigative probes.

Hillary Clinton Slammed…A Lot

November 15, 2007 Comments off

November 14. 2007

This hasn’t been a good month for Hillary. With allegations against her for illegal wiretapping picking up speed and articles detailing how she was beat up by the male candidates during the debate, this has been a rough month. But in all fairness to the other candidates, she’s a man too. Tape that adam’s apple Hillary and take that beating like a man.

Here is a quote and some interesting Hillary Clinton links worth checking out:

“The Clintons Are A Terminally Unethical And Vulgar Couple, And They’ve Betrayed Everyone Who Has Ever Believed In Them.” – Bob Herbert, Columnist NY Times Clinton


Story found here

Madonna Lawsuit – Freedom Of Information Request

November 2, 2007 Comments off

There are two new developments in the case, one of which I am not going to write about right now. But for now, here’s the other one. This week, after several months with no answer on my FOI letter from the Miami FBI with the DC/VA headquarters sending me letters stating no file found, I finally got a file from them.

The Miami FBI finally responded to my Freedom Of Information request regarding my file and one of the classifications on it under the “Character of case” is not a good one.

Photo of Miami FBI agent J. Christopher Kapcyzinski (right) from a 2007 NBC 6 web site broadcast of an attempted bank robbery on Miami Beach. Kapcyzinski interviewed me on November 3, 2005 regarding this case.

The FBI agent pictured above, placed it under five categories, one of which is “Squad C-5.” An internet search revealed the FBI’s “Squad C-5″ is responsible for investigating the Genovese mafia. Here is an excerpt I found online of the sworn testimony of an FBI agent:

I was interviewed by Miami FBI agent J. Christopher Kapcyzinski for about 20 minutes. I gave him the 200 page lawsuit, evidence files and letter I’d sent Mueller. He asked for my copyright certificates, which I didn’t have on me, as I don’t walk around with those original documents everyday (I’ve got back-ups, but still). I told him I would bring them back, as he requested, so they could compare them to what’s been stolen. He said, “Give it to the agent on duty.”

When I came back the next day, about 15-20 minutes before closing, they told me to come back the next day, as it was closing time. I asked if I could just leave the files and they said no, come back the next business day.

When I returned the next business day, I asked the receptionist if I could leave the file with her and she said no. Didn’t get why, but I did what they said.

He told me to give the FBI “agent on duty” the files. But then I was told to wait. I was interviewed a second time for about 20 minutes by another FBI agent, Cathy Mary Koontz. After the interview she gave me a piece of paper with her name and telephone number:

Number redacted for internet

Thus far, my Freedom of Information request has only returned the first agent’s filing (J. Christopher Kapcyzinski). I have not been given the second agent’s filing, Catherine Koontz, who I gave the copies of my copyright certificates to, according to what the first agent told me to do. She interviewed me for 20 minutes.

I went to Kroll investigative agency last year and the rep called the FBI and they told her because she is not the person who filed the complaint they cannot disclose anything to her. Therefore, she had a retired FBI agent on staff call them and they told her they are investigating it.

Here’s what I received this week – a two page file with Madonna’s name redacted in white by the FBI (I redacted my address and number in black). The initials on the bottom of the page “jck” matches the name of the agent that first interviewed me (J. Christopher Kapcyzinski).

“Character of case” highlighted in red says “Squad C-5″among other things, and I never once mentioned the mafia to the FBI. Once again, it appears there is much more to this case than the FBI is telling. Ironically, Madonna has a relative in the mafia who was jailed for trying to shakedown Steven Segal for a share of all his royalties (I see the family resemblance). Segal has been complaining about the FBI investigating him for allegedly hiring Madonna’s PI, Anthony Pellicano, to harass and wiretap Anita Busch.

More Of Hillary Clinton’s Alleged Illegal Wiretapping Exploits Uncovered

October 24, 2007 Comments off

Hillary’s Brutal Tactics Exposed

October 22. 2007

Here’s an excerpt from a very interesting article, written by an author, detailing Hillary Clinton’s shady exploits that many in Washington have known about for years, but for fear of retaliation of the Anthony Pellicano variety, only spoke of it in private circles.

Numerous pieces are now surfacing in the public domain regarding her alleged improper and illegal conduct, even making its way to members of Congress, who are vowing to push the issue, and rightfully so. Give it time, this wiretapping and spying issue is going to be her downfall.

“This week, it was reported in the authoritative Capitol Hill newspaper, The Hill, that Don Van Natta Jr. and Jeff Gerth included some unsavory news about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in “Her Way,” their recent book about her. Hillary, during the 1992 presidential campaign, “listened to a secretly recorded audiotape of a phone conversation of Clinton critics.” Washington observers appeared shocked. Mein Gott, where have they been all these years?

The Clintons have engaged in brute behavior for decades, much of it a matter of record. The Hill’s report moves me to list seven issues every American should know about the Clintons before 2008.

For years, the Clintons have bullied the press, political opponents, prosecutors and those women who caught Bill’s eye. Their successful efforts to suppress the recent GQ story by Josh Green show that their bullying continues. Since the 1980s, the Clintons have employed private investigators, for instance, Terry Lenzner, Jack Palladino and Anthony Pellicano, the latter of whom is a convicted felon.

Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky and Kathleen Willey are but the most famous of the many women who have been harassed by the Clintons’ private detectives. In my recent book, “The Clinton Crack-Up,” I report that at least one independent counsel in the 1990s took to carrying a gun after being harassed on Washington streets. The harassment was very similar to harassment my reporters experienced in Little Rock, Ark., in the mid-1990s.”

Story found here


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