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Teens Having Sex To Get Record Deals

July 25, 2008 Comments off

Chris Brown

For months it has been said that then 16-year-old teen singer, Chris Brown, was having sex with his 40 plus year old manager, who got him his record deal. Not much has been said by either party to refute the claims. Brown is now 18-years old.

Chris Brown

Brown has risen to fame on a series of average sounding songs with his main appeal with audiences resting in exploiting his sexuality via raunchy dance routines.


Rumors have also traveled in the industry about singer Rihanna, who was signed to Def Jam records at age 17, by philandering 40-year-old rapper Jay-Z.


Rapper Jay-Z has a detailed history of misogyny, assault and financial fraud, having started his label Rockafella records on drug money.

Teairra Mari

Media reports surfaced of Jay-Z and Rihanna having candlelit suppers at Cipriani’s in New York (who is under criminal investigation by the way for liquor law/license violations) and separately spending hours alone together in a private room at the rapper’s 40/40 club, while his girlfriend was away.

Teairra Mari

Similar rumors also abound in the industry regarding another of Jay-Z’s former protégés he signed, Teairra Mari. She was 16-years-old at the time. After poor sales, she was let go from the label in 2006.

Reshonda Landfair (front right) is now in her 20’s and refused to testify at trial after being paid off

With the R. Kelly child pornography trial and accompanying claims the R&B singer was having sex with a 13-year-old girl, Reshonda Landfair, who he got a record deal for with the group, 4 The Cause, what is this disturbing trend of young teen stars engaging in underage sex for record deals.

Jury Believed R. Kelly Was On The Tape

June 27, 2008 Comments off

…But Was Not Sure About The Identity Of The Victim They’ve Never Met

R. Kelly

The jury in the R. Kelly child pornography case believed it was the R&B singer on the tape, engaging in sex with a female, the prosecution labeled a minor. They just weren’t sure of her age or identity and it destroyed the case.

The girl on the videotape, Reshonda Landfair, who is now in her twenties, should have been required to testify. The feedback sections of numerous sites indicate the female on the tape with R. Kelly looked very underage. Half her family testified to this in court as well. But without her there, the case was weakened. Many have said she was paid off by Kelly.

They should have expressed their doubts sooner, and maybe something could have been done in compelling the victim to appear.

For him to escape such serious charges on a technicality, especially one of this nature, is truly lamentable. It was reported, when police wanted to question Landfair, R. Kelly paid for her and her family to go on a 2 month long European vacation.

It has also been proven that he keeps paying off victims. He should not be able to buy his way out of criminal charges, especially in something so serious.

One thing I’m sure he is not happy about is all his sordid business came out in court, in great detail and subsequently onto the internet, making people much more aware of what he is really like. I hope teenage girls will take note and avoid him.

R Kelly jurors say they believe R&B star was on sex tape

Their not-guilty verdict was based on female’s identity

…Several members of the jury said they believed it was Kelly on the tape that was at the centre of the trial, however they were unsure of the identity of the female who appeared in the video.

“I thought it was R Kelly. on the tape, I just wasn’t 100 percent on the girl,” said juror #9.

“The key problem was the identity of the female. Her absence was a major lack,” said juror #23…

Justice System Fails – Pedophile R. Kelly Goes Free

June 27, 2008 Comments off

Lock Up Your Daughters A Pedophile Is On The Loose

R Kelly, a man that was illegally married to a 15-year-old singer through fraud when he was 28, and according to credible lawsuits he settled, several articles and witness testimony, is a full fledged pedophile, walked free from court today, after engaging in underage sex with young girls.

The jury acquitted him on 14 counts of child pornography. As I wrote a month ago, the only reason he remained free for 6 years, is due to his money, and that same wealth allowed him to get away with serious crimes and walk free once again.

R Kelly himself all but admitted he has a sick penchant for young girls:

“While police investigate this latest case of alleged child sex abuse, others want to know what if anything has been done about other allegations made throughout the years against Kelly, including another minor, a choir girl who attended Kenwood Academy.

A 1996 lawsuit alleged Kelly “engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with the plaintiff … including engaging in group sexual intercourse with the high school freshman and other minors.”

Defending himself after the case settled for $250,000 Kelly said: “I am not a perfect person.”

However, where the justice system failed, God won’t. You will see God’s punishment in your life for what you’ve done to those girls. You need to ask Him for forgiveness and mercy, because you will, “Reap what you sow.”

Several jurors said one weakness in the prosecution’s case was that neither the alleged victim nor her parents testified. One juror said he just was not sure the female was who prosecutors said she was or that she was a minor.

One of the jurors says the decisive issue was the identity of the alleged victim in the sex tape at the heart of the case. He says the jurors couldn’t be sure it was who prosecutors said it was — and therefore couldn’t be sure if she was underage.

One juror who said he initially voted to convict said he remained convinced the man on the tape is Kelly. But he says his doubts grew during deliberations about the identity of the female.

“What we had wasn’t enough,” said the juror, who declined to give his name. Asked by reporters after the trial who the female in the sex tape was if not the alleged victim, Adam responded: “If you find that out, let us know.”

R. Kelly’s Mole Disputed Again

June 7, 2008 Comments off

I know he wishes he’d had that mask on in that video

Singer R. Kelly’s lawyer contends he is not the man in a video having sex with a then 13-year-old girl, Reshonda Landfair. His defense lawyer arranged for a demonstration illustrating how you can paste a person’s head on another body.

While, with basic video tools, anyone can paste another person’s head onto another body, but the defense doing that proves nothing, as they key issue in that line of reasoning is, it would be detectable. Any video expert worth their salt would be able to tell the tape had been altered.

4 The Cause (Reshonda Landfair pictured to the far right)

The FBI and other experts have already decreed the video has not been altered. They have testified that it would take decades working 24/7 to accomplish such a thing, which would predate R. Kelly’s birth. Even then, the alterations to the video would show.

(Reshonda Landfair pictured center) look at how young she was when this was going on.

Switching the heads of subjects on a video tape is a clumsy technique that when properly inspected by an expert will reveal the digital trickery.

R. Kelly

While, I’ve not seen the tape, but the evidence and witnesses provided compelling proof that R. Kelly has engaged in this very type of misconduct repeatedly with different underage girls. He cannot be allowed to continue doing this. Do not let money and fame sway you from rendering justice for deeds that are very sick.

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R. Kelly Sex Tape Victim

June 5, 2008 Comments off

R&B Singer Faces A Barrage Of Damning Testimony

R. Kelly

For years people have claimed, Reshonda Landfair, was the underage girl featured in R Kelly’s sex tape. She is now in her twenties and reportedly the daughter of his former guitarist, and niece of his ex protégé and one time girlfriend, singer Sparkle (Stephanie Edwards).

4 The Cause (Reshonda Landfair pictured closest to the camera)

Reshonda Landfair has also been a member of the R&B group “4 The Cause” since their musical debut in the 1990’s when the crime is said to have occurred.

R Kelly on his way to court

The FBI testified in the case last week that the sex tape was not altered. An independent video specialist also enhanced the footage to show a mole is present on the man in the tape, just like on singer R Kelly.

Lisa Van Allen

The most damning testimony came from, Lisa Van Allen, who was 17-years-old when she made a separate sex tape with R. Kelly and an underage, Reshonda Landfair.

R. Kelly Update: ‘He Likes Them When They Are Ripe and Young’ says former employee

8/30/2002 Everyone must know now that R. Kelly faces child pornography charges and a magazine is reporting that the 14 year old girl who allegedly appears having sex with him on a videotape is his own goddaughter, Reshonda Landfair, the daughter of one of his musicians.

Singer Sparkle, who formerly recorded with Kelly, says Landfair is her niece. She says “There have been too many girls to count. His whole M.O., he stated this to me not long ago, is he likes them when they are ripe and young because he can mold them into what he wants them to be and control their minds and make them do what women ‘should’ do. He needs to get some help. He needs to be stopped.”

According to the magazine, the tape that led to Kelly’s arrest was stolen from his gym bag four years ago in Chicago.

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15-Year-Old Mindy McCready Had An Affair With 28-Year-Old Roger Clemens

June 3, 2008 Comments off

FBI Probe Turns Ugly On Roger Clemens

*Cue R. Kelly Music*

Country singer Mindy McCready

A then 15-year-old singer, Mindy McCready, met a then 28-year old married baseball player, Roger Clemens, at a bar called The Hired Hand, then went back to his hotel room with him.

Mindy McCready

Mindy, now 32, claims she did not have underage sex with Roger, now 45, that night 17 years ago, but I don’t believe that. I think she is saying that to protect him. She tearfully told the press:

“I cannot refute anything in the story. Yes, I have known Roger Clemens for a long time. He’s a kind and caring man. He’s also a legendary athlete. The central topic in the debate, however, regards his professional life, not his personal life. There are legal matters working their way through the system that have nothing to do with me. From my point of view, that is where the focus should remain.”

Roger “The Rocket” Clemens” the subject of a very clever headline “Rocket’s Red Glare” – a pun on a lyric from the U.S. national anthem.

The FBI interviewed the singer regarding her relationship with the baseball player, as apart of the probe into whether or not he took steroids and subsequently lied about it in Congress.

Debbie and Roger Clemens, married throughout the time of the affair with country singer Mindy McCready

As I mentioned in my previous Judiciary Report article, as I watched Clemens’ congressional testimony, sadly, I did not believe him.

Later, I read online that many others didn’t believe him either. It was very dangerous going in there lying to them, as the charges it can spawn are not pretty.

Mindy Mccready Questioned By Fbi About Relationship With Roger Clemens

Mindy McCready was recently questioned by FBI agents about baseball star Roger Clemens. The interview is part of an on-going investigation to determine whether Clemens perjured himself when he told congressional investigators in February that he had never taken performance-enhancing drugs. Clemens’former personal trainer, Brian McNamee, told federal investigators otherwise.

McCready’s long relationship with Clemens began in 1991 when the singer was just 15 years old.

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Sparkle Spars With R. Kelly Lawyer

May 26, 2008 Comments off

Defense Lawyer Snaps At Witness – Judge Tells Them Both To Knock It Off

R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s former protégé and girlfriend, Sparkle, testified against the singer in his child pornography trial in Chicago. She and his defense attorney had a verbal fight in the courtroom, when he painted her as a disgruntled former girlfriend and she sarcastically called the lawyer “sweetie.”

Dude was not happy about that and yelled at her. I think he took it a little too personally and needs to chill out. To yell at a woman over that and in a courtroom full of people looks bad.

Sparkle, real name Stephanie Edwards, also positively identified R. Kelly as the man on the tape engaging in illegal sex with her 13-year-old niece.

One of those relatives, singer Stephanie “Sparkle” Edwards, testified Thursday that she had introduced the alleged victim to Kelly, and that the girl called him her “Godfather.” Kelly helped Sparkle’s career early on, but the pair later parted ways.

Defense attorney Ed Genson suggested that she resented Kelly and wanted revenge for their split.

But insisting her family had been “thick as thieves” until this case ripped them apart, she again insisted it was her relative on the tape.

“I know my family!” she said.

Kelly witness, ‘Sparkle’ clashes with defense

Genson’s cross-examination of Edwards grew so fierce, the two ended up shouting at each other. Edwards sarcastically called the 66-year-old lawyer “Sweetie.”
“I am not your sweetie!” Genson bellowed.

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R. Kelly Hinging Freedom On A Mole

May 24, 2008 Comments off

R Kelly (center)

Despite the fact several people who know singer R. Kelly have positively identified him as the man on a tape having sex with a 13-year-old girl, in a sauna that looks just like the one in his house he sold a few years ago, he is hinging his freedom on a mole. No, not a spy – an actual mole.

His defense lawyer stated the man who appears in the pornographic video, engaging in sex with a 13-year-old minor, does not have a mole and R. Kelly does.

Um, I don’t know if you know, but moles can be removed and they sometimes grow back.

You don’t even have to go to the doctor. Walgreens pharmacy sells products that remove moles via a solution left on the skin each night for several days…but the moles can come back.

You can also have them lasered off by a dermatologist (it is recommended that you have certain types of moles tested by a doctor to screen for cancer)…but once again, they can come back. Look it up.

How do we know he didn’t have the mole removed and it grew back, which has happened to many people?

How do we know that the camera’s lens just wasn’t strong enough to pick up the mole? Said tape couldn’t have been filmed using Panaflex or Arriflex. The more expensive the camera, the stronger the lens and greater the definition. Additionally, HD just came out the other day.

Have you ever looked at yourself in video cameras in electronics stores. They aren’t exactly high definition, especially the ones that were out when this video is said to have been made.

The video in question is said to have been shot by an amateur, R Kelly. Therefore, attention to detail in filming most likely was not a priority. Jerry Bruckheimer didn’t shoot this thing (because then the sauna would just blow up for no reason).

Therefore, a mole is not reasonable doubt. (That’s how you do reasonable doubt, Mr. Defense Lawyer man).

Oh he’s guilty. Anybody that would wear that outfit is guilty.

Seriously, if I were the prosecutor I would keep harping on the fact that Mr. Kelly illegally married a 15-year-old singer behind her parents back, willfully misrepresenting to the State that she was an adult. That’s a matter of court record.

Are they going to call Aaliyah “a prostitute” like they did the 13-year-old on the tape? Not unless they want the public to rip them to pieces.


She wasn’t. She was a young girl that was naïve like most girls her age. She was taken advantage of by someone almost twice her age.

Is it so difficult to believe that a man that was illegally married to a 15-year-old for a year when he was 27-years-old, would have sex with a minor. Is it so difficult to believe that a man that was sued by another woman for filming the two of them having sex and passing the video around to his friends, would film himself having sex? Put the two priors together and it shows a pattern of conduct.

R. Kelly — Mole Will Keep Me Outta the Hole

Could a skin doc end up saving R. Kelly’s hide? Looks like it, since his lawyers are basing pretty much his entire defense on one mole – the dark, irregularly-bordered kind.

The defense claims that the guy in the video doesn’t have a mole, but Kelly does.

Maybe the most shocking moment came when the defense claimed that the woman in the tape was a prostitute: “[The alleged victim is sweet and nice,” said Kelly’s lawyer. “The woman in this tape is a prostitute.”

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R. Kelly Child Pornography Shown To Jurors

May 21, 2008 Comments off

R. Kelly A/K/A Robert Kelly

According to published reports, the jury in the R. Kelly child pornography trial, were shown the sick tape the singer made of himself having sex with a 13-year-old girl.

I have not seen the tape that was reportedly online and have no intention of doing so, I hope the jurors that have this week, are so disgusted they find him guilty, so he can be taken off the streets.

R. Kelly going to court

He has a severe problem with targeting underage girls and it has to stop. He could have his pick of many women, yet keeps choosing 12-15 year olds. Something is very wrong with him. It’s time to face the music.

He should not be on anyone’s radio or television. He should not be getting air or video play. He has shocked many with his terrible antics, yet the industry has embraced and celebrated a man that is harming children.

R. Kelly speaking to the press outside the courthouse

Clearly those around him are reasoning away his criminal conduct as well. How can this be a good thing. How can anyone in good conscience reward such behavior.

And what about his children? Is no one from the state checking on them. What’s been going on in his home?. The government needs to investigate, as according to reports, the illegal child pornography was made in his house.

Moreover, with the way kids in schools talk, certainly his children know what’s going on. What about their mental health and emotional well being.

The state is being very slow in addressing what could be a horrendous problem for his children and many other young girls he’s preyed on.

Several years ago Vibe magazine released an article stating they found quite a few of R. Kelly’s other underage victims. In the article they told of the long lasting psychological trauma they suffered after having engaged in sex with R. Kelly as pre-teens and teens, ranging in age from 12-15. They said he asked them to engage in various types of sex that mentally and emotionally scarred them for life.


One of the girls stated he enticed them with money and by promising them record deals. One of them stated the late R&B singer, Aailyah, who was 15-years-old when he illegally married her, by presenting a fake ID at the registrar’s office, seemed genuinely smitten with him. I think so too.


You could tell in her interviews that she was in love with him, but at age 15 no girl is in the right frame of mind to make sound decisions in the areas of marriage and love, though many often think so when they are that age.

R. Kelly witness: Female in sex tape met singer when she was 12

A woman testified today that the female who appears in a sex video is her best friend from childhood who was 13 or 14 at the time the tape was made — and that the man in the tape is R&B superstar R. Kelly.

Simha Jamison, 24, said she met Kelly at a gym called Hoops when she was 12. Her friend, the allegedly underage girl, was about six months younger and already knew Kelly, calling him “Godfather.”

Jurors shown R. Kelly alleged child sex tape

CHICAGO (AFP) — Jurors have been shown what US prosecutors called a “vile, disturbing, disgusting” video allegedly showing rhythm and blues superstar R. Kelly having sex with an underage girl.

The tape showed a man wearing a white T-shirt and red jogging pants sitting in front of the camera.

A girl walks in and the man presents her with an undisclosed amount of money. “Thank you” she says, and dances nude as the man urges, “Dance faster, baby,” to background music from the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls.

The couple also engage in various sex acts. Robert Kelly, 41, who has denied 14 charges of child pornography, watched the video with a studied stare on a small monitor at the defense table, conferring often with one of his attorneys.

Lead prosecutor Shauna Boliker alleged that Kelly was a “pornographer” and said he was the man in the video, having sex with a child.

“A child doesn’t choose to be violated and placed on a videotape, a videotape that will live on forever, long after this child becomes an adult,” she said.

“The case is laid out for you frame by ugly frame, frame by disgusting frame. You don’t have to put the pieces together because he already has done that for you,” she said.

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Hannah Montana Ratings Dropping

May 19, 2008 Comments off

Annie Leibovitz Did More Damage Than Disney Calculated

May 19. 2008

Miley Cyrus

50-year-old lesbian photographer Annie Leibovitz has tanked the ratings of the kids television show Hannah Montana, jeopardizing a billion dollar Disney franchise, via the inappropriate photos she took of its 15-year-old star Miley Cyrus.

The show’s ratings have fallen by as much as 26% since the time of the scandal, where Annie Leibovitz told the 15-year old to pull down her top and place a sheet over her chest, leaving her back and the top of her cleavage exposed.

“Hannah Montana” is now no longer Disney’s top rated show, having lost a few million viewers, with the substantial ratings decline being attributed to Leibovitz and the scandalous photos.

These errors and miscalculations happen, as Hollywood’s moral compass (well, they don’t have one) is not in line with the rest of the nation as a whole.

Hollywood is an industry where pre-teen and teen stars take drugs and engage in sex at an early age. People in the industry know and look the other way. What’s shocking for the rest of America is not shocking for Hollywood. Hence, the missteps.

How, Leibovitz  thought this was okay is beyond me. If I were given the task of having to photograph a 15-year-old girl for a magazine my first words would have been, “Little girl, either you wear the Victorian dress and bustle or you don’t get your picture taken. Do you want the Boogey Man to get you?!” The Boogey Man being R Kelly.

Yes, I went there, but only to bring home the point that R. Kelly cannot be allowed to continue preying on young girls.

Miley Covers Up As ‘Hannah Montana’ Ratings Drop

Compared to the first original show of the year, which aired in January, viewership for Sunday’s show was down 26%.

An estimated 3.1 million viewers tuned in for “Hannah’s” 7p.m. Sunday edition, which aired out of the network’s usual pattern for fresh episodes.

“Hannah Montana” has now been replaced as Disney’s top-rated show by “Wizards of Waverly Place,” which stars Selena Gomez, who made several appearances in “Hannah Montana.”


Hannah Not So Montana

Miley Cyrus Apologizes For Flashing Bra

Miley Cyrus Becomes New Paparazzi Target

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