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The Tale Of Two Rappers

May 14, 2008 Comments off

One Going To Jail And One Is Not

T.I. And Remy Ma

TI A/K/A Clifford Harris

Rapper T.I., real name Clifford Harris, was up on very serious gun charges, but with the help of a pricey legal team, was able to avoid jail time, in exchange for one year on house arrest.

TI’s home in East Point, Georgia, the subject of an ATF raid

I didn’t think he was about to start World War III with the weaponry he had in his possession. However, he needs to start adhering to the law, especially considering he has children that would miss him during their formative years, if he is sent to jail. Stay out of trouble.

Rapper Remy Ma, a chatty, braggadocios, sacrilegious rapper, shot her best friend over allegedly stealing $3,000 out of her purse. Today, she was sentenced to 8 years in prison by a New York judge.

Remy Ma

I do believe she deserves the jail time, as her friend could have died. That is a human life she placed in mortal jeopardy and over $3,000. She too has a young son, age 8, that she clearly wasn’t thinking about when she pulled the trigger twice.

She needs to thank the judge, as she could have been sentenced to jail for far longer than 8 years. Maybe she will take the time to better herself and find God as many do in prison.

When one is in a jail cell, it gives one time to ponder the choices one has made. Some see the light and some don’t.

BREAKING NEWS: Remy Ma Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison

New York–Grammy-nominated rapper Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years in prison today by a Manhattan Supreme Court judge for shooting her friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph after the two argued over money after leaving a party.

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Mom Of Thieving, Drug Abusing, DUI Prone Starlet Wins Mother Of The Year

May 10, 2008 Comments off

In What Universe, You Ask? And No, You Are Not In the Twilight Zone!

Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan, is the flesh flashing, George Clooney stalking, mother of former actress, Lindsay Lohan. Dina, allowed her daughter Lindsay to have hotel sleepovers with male stars, whilst in her mid-teens.

Dina sat idly by, as her now broke meal ticket became a drug addicted alcoholic before even coming of age. Not to mention, the many DUIs her daughter racked up before age 21, that caused innocent people physical and property damage.

Dina’s daughter Lindsay has further criminally stolen expensive clothing items in two unrelated cases.

Dina’s daughter Lindsay was photographed at age 19, intimately kissing 50-year-old designer and all around perv, Donna Karan, on the mouth, who is also a member of the Kabbalah cult.

Well, Dina has inexplicably been named Mother Of The Year in Long Island, New York. Yes, you read that right.

Now, I like Long Island. I have friends there, but I know not a one of them voted for Dina. So, just how did she get this award. Who did she sleep with or pay off?

Well, actually, the family is broke from the many lawsuits and accompanying legal fees associated with Dina and Lindsay’s misconduct in a number of things, so who did she sleep with?

Seriously, I’m sure there were more deserving moms in Long Island.

Lindsay Lohan in fur coat she stole

A bad mother is not one that tries hard to keep their kid on the straight and narrow, and then for whatever reason, the kid messes up anyway.

A bad mother is one that encourages irresponsible behavior and or sits back and lets it happen unchallenged.

Mother of the Year hiking her skirt up for the camera:


May 8, 2008 — MORE surprised than anyone that Dina Lohan was honored as a “top mom” this week was her ex-husband, Michael Lohan, who called the award from the Mingling Moms Organization “a joke.”

Michael fumed, “Are you kidding! Top celebrity mom? Look at her off-screen antics, her lack of morals and how she conducts herself. I guess they forgot to mention how this top super-mom leaves her kids alone at night and even parties in their presence. Just wait until we go back to court.

“She comes stumbling out of Butter at 3:15 a.m. with bloodshot eyes and a red runny nose, yelling ‘Oh, [bleep],’ when she saw the paparazzi,” Michael raged to Page Six.

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The Pope Visits Ground Zero

May 1, 2008 Comments off

During the Pope’s visit to America this month, he said a prayer at Ground Zero in New York City:

Judge To Harry Potter Author: Your Books Bite

April 19, 2008 Comments off

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling

Two days ago I wrote that I am not a fan of the Harry Potter book series. Looks like I’m not the only one.

Today, an article in the London Telegraph states a New York judge reviewing a copyright infringement claim by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, called her books “gibberish.” Maybe it’s all that “hocus pocus” stuff that threw the judge off.

Dumbledore to J.K. Rowling: What do you mean I’m gay!?

It’s hardly Shakespeare, now is it, and Britain has produced many of the finest English language books in the world. However, J.K. Rowling went for another approach…gay bearded wizard, pardon the pun, and “hocus pocus” – isn’t that like Latin or something (Aisha having a valley girl moment).

Seriously, Rowling is suing regarding a fan site publishing a Harry Potter guide based on her books. The judge has recommended a settlement between the two parties.

As much as I don’t care for the Potter books, the law is the law and it is leaning more toward Rowling’s side. She owns the copyrights and trademarks to the Harry Potter franchise, along with crooked Warner Bros Pictures, who has been hemorrhaging money.

They really need her permission to do this Potter guide, as it will contain items from her copyrights and trademarks. The only exception to this covered by U.S. law is parody and that this spin off book is not.

However, people have written biographies on subjects without their permission and without getting sued, as long as it’s not libelous. Therefore, there’s a little leeway present in this aspect as well.

It’s a strange position for an author to take, suing one’s own fans, but at the same time, I can understand a writer being worried that someone is going to churn out a sub-standard version of their work, destroying the integrity of the original. It really is best to obtain permission first before touching someone else’s work and then abide by their decision.

This judge is being nice in encouraging a settlement between the two parties.

Harry Potter storylines are gibberish, judge tells Rowling

J. K. Rowling heard her work described as “gibberish” by a US judge yesterday at the end of a three-day trial into an unauthorised encyclopaedia of her Harry Potter novels.

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Ron Weasley Slams Paris Hilton And Lindsay Lohan

April 16, 2008 Comments off

Turns Out Men Do Find DUIs, Drug Convictions, STDs And Crazy Chicks Troublesome

April 16. 2008

Ron Weasley: I didn’t know a woman could have that many STDs! What exactly is Parisitis!

Though I am not a fan of the Harry Potter series, one of its lead actors, Ron Weasley, accurately summed up Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton to a tee.

Paris “free clinic” Hilton

When asked why he won’t get a place in Los Angeles, like his co-star Daniel Radcliffe, who bought a second home away from London, in New York, he squarely blamed the vapidity that is Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

He hilariously said of former actress Lindsay Lohan:

“I met Lindsay last summer and she talked about herself a lot. She said she was going to win an Oscar before she turns 25. I just kept thinking, ‘But you can’t act’.”

Paris with one of the fugly shoes in her clothing line. I hope that’s the only one. It looks like she killed a lizard to get it done.

Regarding Paris Hilton he stated:

“I haven’t met Paris and don’t want to either. She and Lindsay are the type of girls you need to stay away from.”

Well said Weasley. Sites all over the world are laughing in agreement at your statements. Who knew they were bad for tourism. source

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Rewarding Bad Behavior (Ashley Alexandra Dupre)

March 13, 2008 Comments off
Spitzer Prostitute Promoting Music

March 13. 2008

People in Hollywood are pondering the prospect of the prostitute of former New York governor Eliot Spitzer becoming a star.

I think it is in very poor taste. I’m not saying brand her with a scarlet letter and toss her to the wolves, but to give her deals in the face of this terrible scandal would be rewarding bad behavior.

At this point she has done nothing to prove or redeem herself. To reward her conduct would be to add insult to injury to Spitzer’s wife and children. The last thing they or the nation needs is to see her prancing around on TV and singing some suggestive song, like the one that was on her MySpace page before the account was cancelled.

Her MySpace site received traffic due to the scandal this week and nothing else, as it had been online for quite some time and received an average amount of attention before the story broke.

Spitzer Family

She knew what she was doing is illegal. She could have gotten a regular job, but she wanted to live a luxury lifestyle and turned to prostitution to get it. She is currently living in a building where units rent for up to $11,000 per month.

Yes, God can forgive her and Eliot for committing adultery and for the trauma they’ve caused his wife and children, not to mention upsetting many people in the country, but neither of them should be rewarded for their illegal conduct, as neither of them are victims.

Could woman in Spitzer scandal become a star?

NEW YORK (Billboard) – Could Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the aspiring singer embroiled in the prostitution scandal that toppled New York governor Eliot Spitzer, have a music career?

Top talent scouts are weighing in on her chances after the 22-year-old racked up millions of MySpace views and launched much-sought-after new songs on priced-by-demand Web site since the Spitzer story broke.

Before Dupre’s MySpace page was deleted Thursday, it had received 4,612,397 views and her song “What We Want” touted 711,334 plays. According to the New York Times, two tracks Dupre released to this week received thousands of listens and their prices rocketed from free to the maximum price of 98 cents Thursday. The number of blog posts mentioning Dupre also rose over 750% in the last 48 hours according to Nielsen BuzzMetrics.

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Eliot Spitzer Prostitute Revealed

March 13, 2008 Comments off
22-Year-Old Aspiring Singer With A Myspace Page

Was Homeless And On Drugs

March 12. 2008

Today, Eliot Spitzer resigned from his post as Governor of New York, handing over the reins to David Paterson, who is now the first black man and legally blind man to hold the post. Congrats to him. It’s regrettable it wasn’t under better circumstances.

In another first, but an unsavory one, it is being said that Spitzer is the first Governor in 95 years to be forced out of office in New York.

The Smoking Gun and the Drudge Report web sites have posted the identity of the 22-year-old prostitute “Kristen” who is named in legal documents in the Spitzer case.

Her real name is Ashley Alexandra Dupre (born Ashley Youmans). She is an aspiring singer with a MySpace page. She has been living in New York since 2004 and was homeless and on drugs.

She was paid $4300 for sex with Eliot Spitzer. It was also revealed he had spent $80,000 for sex with women from the Emperors Club prostitution ring.

Legal experts expect Spitzer to be indicted. The prostitute has retained an attorney, Don D. Buchwald, regarding possible criminal charges.

It was also revealed Spitzer’s security detail did not detect the FBI surveilling him. Well, clearly they didn’t have the FBI agent from the Pimp C funeral doing surveillance that day.

(You blended right in – parking lot full of black guys and a lone white guy in a government issue car shooting photos. You should be a spy in the Middle East, they’d never spot you).

“Kristen” A/K/A Ashley Alexandra Dupre is one of several Emperors Club prostitutes. Other as yet to be named clients of the prostitution ring include a federal judge and entertainment industry members.

“To move funds from one place to the other, to hide the source of the money … it’s still going to be money laundering,” said John Jay College School of Criminology professor Joseph King. Experts say “Client 9″ could face the following charges:

Money laundering for trying to conceal the source and recipient of financial transactions.

Tax evasion, if he was a knowing party to an all-cash business that wasn’t filing taxes.

Violation of the Mann Act for paying for the trip from New York to D.C. by the call girl known as “Kristen.”

Misuse of state resources, if he used his state-issued credit card for hotels or meals with prostitutes as well as if he was being protected by State Troopers during his dalliances.

And finally, soliciting prostitution.”

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Eliot Spitzer’s “Private Matter”

March 12, 2008 Comments off

The above posted video of Governor Eliot Spitzer contains a public apology from him for paying a prostitution ring for sex. In said video her refers to the scandal that has the FBI investigating him, as a “private matter.”

Yesterday I wrote about how he referred to the legal case Aisha v. Madonna as a private legal matter as well, though it has federal criminal aspects that fell under his jurisdiction as New York attorney general in 2005. I guess that’s his favorite phrase regarding crime.

It’s just more proof that he needs to step down, as anyone can see the prostitution ring scandal is not a “private matter” but another case where laws were broken. His judgment, much like his marriage vows, clearly broken.

Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda before his public apology

Information released today regarding the prostitution ring called the “Emperors Club” showcased women that claimed to be college educated and outgoing, yet were resorting to prostitution.

The site snapshots tried to paint these women as scholars and dignitaries, when they are prostitutes. You want to show the world you are worthy of its esteem in the grandiose terms you described yourselves – quit prostitution and find honest work.

Men who are customers of prostitutes are deluding themselves as well. These women don’t really like them. They just tell them what they want to hear to get their money. No real woman wants to be going out with man after man after man she doesn’t love, no matter what they tell you. They’re just pretending.

Snapshot of the Emperors Club web site

Even the Eliot Spitzer legal documents released by the FBI this week, shows the prostitute he paid didn’t care for him at all. Behind his back, she referred to him with great indifference (“I don’t think he’s difficult. I mean it’s just kind of like . . .whatever. . . I’m here for a purpose. I know what my purpose is. I am not a . . . moron, you know what I mean. So maybe that’s why girls maybe think they’re difficult. That’s what it is, because you’re here for a [purpose]. Let’s not get it twisted – I know what I do, you know.”). Once again, these women tell them what they want to hear to get their money.

There are reports Spitzer paid other women in the prostitution ring for sex in Florida and Washington. He also checked into the hotel with the prostitute under his friend and campaign supporter’s name, George Fox. Upon hearing the news this week, Fox said it, “Comes as a great surprise and disappointment.”

Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda at press conference

Watching the video, I felt sorry for his wife. She looks so heartbroken and rightfully so. He betrayed her. However, she has nothing to be embarrassed about. It is he who should be ashamed.

It’s proof that some are never satisfied, as his wife is pretty, gave him three pretty daughters and they are wealthy. They lead a comfortable life, but some men are never satisfied and will cheat because they can. Some will let you down like that, through no fault of your own.

Spitzer family

They risk it all because they believe they won’t get caught. As much as their wives try to make them happy, that’s just how some men are.

Spitzer like all men who do this, paid a price for his infidelity. God says you reap what you sow. You don’t betray your spouse like that and not pay some price for it in life.

Spitzer was considered a future presidential candidate. Now his political career is gone over prostitutes. It can’t be worth it. He is also in trouble at home.

“These boots are made for walking”…Bill Clinton

He’s not the first politician to do this. Bill Clinton’s political career was severely damaged by his inability to control himself. He left the White House in disgrace and by the skin of his teeth. His unfaithfulness to his spouse overshadowed his presidency and became his legacy. Who really wants that.

Eliot Spitzer and Hillary Clinton

Coincidentally, it is being reported that Spitzer’s fall from grace will negatively impact Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as well, due to their careers being intertwined in New York (article link).

John and Jackie Kennedy

Former president John F. Kennedy repeatedly cheated on his wife Jackie. The book “America’s Queen” stated he caused Jackie much heartache with his conduct, as there were times she went to dinner parties in New York and sat there with the knowledge that her husband had had every woman in the room.

Kennedy had an affair with actress Marilyn Monroe among others:

It was also stated in the book that if Kennedy didn’t have sex with somebody for the day, he developed a headache. He was a sex addict that needed help, as he ceased to control his sexual impulses.

John Major

In Britain, Prime Minister John Major’s legacy was tarnished by a sex scandal as well involving a woman named Edwina Currie. It was tabloid fodder for quite a long time.

John Major and Edwina Currie

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INTERNATIONAL NEWS New York Philharmonic Plays North Korea

March 1, 2008 Comments off

New York Philharmonic in Pyongyang, North Korea (photo courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald)

In what marked a historic visit, the New York Philharmonic played in North Korea for the first time. I think this is a step in the right direction. Classical music is beautiful. 

Though the respective governments are in disagreement with each other, one must never be afraid to talk to one’s enemies in the world. Even if we can’t agree on everything, one should strive to make enemies friends. It makes for a more peaceful world.

Sensible dialog doesn’t kill people. Weapons do. The world should work towards disarmament.

Election Board: Obama Robbed In New York Primary

February 18, 2008 Comments off
Many Obama Votes NOT Counted

February 18. 2008

There are more reports surfacing of voter fraud in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Primaries. I wrote about this previously here. Two days ago, there was an article in the Post regarding reports that all of candidate Barack Obama’s votes were not counted:


February 16, 2008 — Barack Obama’s primary-night results were strikingly underrecorded in several districts around the city – in some cases leaving him with zero votes when, in fact, he had pulled in hundreds, the Board of Elections said yesterday.

Unofficial primary results gave Obama no votes in nearly 80 districts, including Harlem’s 94th and other historically black areas – but many of those initial tallies proved to be wildly off the mark, the board said…

In some districts getting a recount, the senator from Illinois is even closer to defeating Hillary Clinton. Initial results in the 94th, for example, showed a 141-0 sweep for Hillary Clinton, but the recount changed the tally to 261-136.

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