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Madonna Plays Dumb Regarding Britney Spears

May 13, 2008 Comments off

Spears Going Broke

In more “Madonna is being delusional” news. She has blamed Britney Spears’ terrible fall from grace on not having a childhood. Oh please, Michael Jackson didn’t have a childhood and he turned out just fine. Just kidding.

Seriously, it’s more Madonna got her involved in Kabbalah, forcing it upon her, where even the cult’s nutty management state you must be “over 40″ to study what real scholars have deemed “madness” “gibberish” “fake” and “false teachings.”

Another set of web sites critical of the cult stated there is an old Jewish saying that Kabbalah should not be taught to anyone under 40 or they will go insane. Britney proved that. So did Lindsay Lohan who also flew off the rails and self-destructed. And let’s not even talk about Paris Hilton who went cuckoo in jail.

You’ve destroyed those girls lives and careers with that Kabbalah cult and I don’t think the public has seen the worst of it yet, but they should have known better than to get involved in it, as they were being asked to do some very sick things.

However, one shouldn’t go around destroying other people’s lives, because what goes around comes around.

She is so busy sticking her nose in younger people’s business and it’s not a good look. It makes her look like a meddlesome, perverted busybody with nothing better to do in her old age than hound young people.

Madonna: Britney Spears’ troubles down to lack of childhood

Madge said: “She never was allowed to have a childhood, she was a star when she was a child. She didn’t get to grow up and make mistakes privately. She’s been under a microscope since she was a teenager, which I think is really tough. It’s hard to evolve that way.”

Spears Going Broke

Many articles have surfaced stating Britney Spears is going broke. There is truth to some of them. Her finances are tapped out from years of heavy spending, massive property payments, unwise business decisions, cult donations and being fleeced. There is also mention of an IRS probe.

She should not have blown through that money in such a manner, as $100 million dollars is very difficult to replace, especially in the latter part of her career. After all her debts and various deductions for items owed to different entities, she has $10 million left, which can disappear overnight as well in extravagant Hollywood.

Young artists take a lesson – avoid cults and excessive spending.

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Paris Hilton Gets A New Show

March 13, 2008 Comments off
Hasn’t The World Suffered Enough

March 13. 2008

It was announced this week that convicted felon Paris Hilton is getting a new reality show on MTV (sigh). What is MTV smoking and is it legal.

Paris And K-Fed

Hasn’t the world suffered enough. What great new insights will Paris offer us on her new show? How to change the world through nail polish? How to look in two directions at once?

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Britney Bawls At Hearing

October 27, 2007 Comments off

Judge Adjourns Hearing, Ruling Expected Shortly

October 27. 2007

Several sites including Extra and US Weekly reported Britney Spears behaved erratically at a custody hearing and swore at them. A reporter asked her how she was doing and she responded, “Eat it, lick it, snort it, f*%k it!”

This sideshow just keeps on getting worse. Her mind is clearly breaking down even more, as that is not a normal response. What I don’t understand is why they can’t get her help.

Regarding the children, one thing I like with this judge is he implements items to help the kids, such as a parenting coach and a monitor for Britney. However, Britney received a very negative report from the latter, which was submitted to the judge.

I hope this judge continues to act in the children’s best interest, irrespective of what anyone else wants in the case, almost being the kids lawyer in a sense, as they are defenseless.

K-Fed let Britney see the kids this weekend, even though he didn’t have to. That’s good that he is showing her some kindness, especially after how acrimonious their split was earlier in the year.

The important thing is that the kids are protected and receive proper care. I believe every kid should have a good childhood. It doesn’t always happen in this world we live in, but it’s nice when it does. They can make that happen for these little babies.  

Britney Goes on Foul-Mouthed Tirade

When asked by an “Extra” reporter in the hallway outside a Los Angeles Superior courtroom as to how she was doing, Britney Spears shouted out, “Eat it, lick it, snort it, f*%k it!” Spears walked back into the courtroom crying. – Extra

“Britney Spears struggled to hide her contempt for the court-appointed parenting monitor who watched over her latest visit with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

The female supervisor, who reportedly filed a scathing report on the star’s mothering skills earlier this week, made it clear who was in control by relegating Britney to the passenger seat during an afternoon out in LA.

A despondent Britney could barely muster a smile as the group headed out for a trip to buy the boys a backyard swing set.” – Daily Mail

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Who Punched Britney In The Mouth

October 24, 2007 Comments off

Oh, My Bad, She Had Collagen Injections

October 24. 2007

The Look Britney Was Going For:

…And How It Terribly Went Wrong:

For The First Time Britney Looks Like A Tranny…Introducing Mangelina Jolie:

“Brit hoped her new lips would improve her look without being really obvious to anyone. But onlookers literally stood opened mouthed when they saw her. She looked freaky,” a newspaper quoted the source, as saying.”

Her Eyes Look Crazy

Oh Britney, girl, you’re so classy – Megan would be scared proud. Blue contacts and bad collagen. Never mind K-Fed and her family, plus his lawyer, whose been quite successful against Spears, have been having secret meetings behind her back. Not to mention her parenting coach was said to have turned in a terrible report to the judge on her “ignoring her kids” to talk on the phone and change her clothes frequently.

Britney In All Her Starbucks Collagen Glory:

Britney is still running all over town like a headless chicken, basically doing, well, nothing. Well, except hitting more cars. Just yesterday, once again, she went out and hit several cars while leaving the Beverly Connection.

Britney: where am I going again

Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail, Retna and X17

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Britney’s Monitor Heads For The Hills

October 20, 2007 Comments off

Show Of Hands – Who Didn’t See This One Coming

October 20. 2007

After taking her court appointed monitor for a ride on the crazy train, said monitor called the judge, Commissioner Scott Gordon, and said she wanted out.

Not only did Britney take the woman on a horror ride, driving the wrong way down the road, with her kids in the back again, she kept missing appointments after the woman went all the way out to Malibu.

Britney lied to the judge and said via a rep that her cell phone wasn’t receiving proper transmission out in Malibu.

I was in Malibu last year and my cell phone worked just fine thank you very much – it said, “Searching for system.” Lip-syncers can be such liars.

Seriously, I don’t believe Britney.


In other news, Britney ran over a photographer’s foot. Homeboy allegedly got up like nothing happened, claiming it didn’t hurt.

What a liar. There is a picture of her running over your foot. You didn’t even have shoes on. You were wearing sandals. Someone runs over your foot and you didn’t cry like a little girl. Yea right. You were trying to be all manly for the cameras, but tell the truth, once you got home you cried like Justin Timberlake did on Punkd.

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StarBucks, Ahem, BritneyBucks Lost Her Kids…Again

October 19, 2007 Comments off

But She Hasn’t Lost Her Starbucks

October 18. 2007

If Britney showed the same kind of devotion to her kids that she does to Starbucks, she’d make a great parent. How embarrassing is that – losing your kids twice in less than a month. Witch keeps losing them like they’re car keys.

Somebody needs to cane her. She needs to go on vacation to a foreign country where they still believe in caning – give her 5 minutes and you know she’ll break the law – then cane the crazy out of her. Just kidding.

Seriously, they need to get her treatment, already, as she is still going around Los Angeles doing crazy stuff, testifying to her deteriorating mental state. She’s still dressing crazy, still flashing her vagina (public lewdness), still bumping cars, still driving the wrong way and still going from rage filled outbursts to happy smiley all in the space of a couple hours. Something isn’t right there.

Britney’s Been Booked

Britney was booked this week on hit and run charges and driving without a license. And of course, her dearest friends accompanied her to the station…the paparazzi. Sometimes I think she loves them more than her kids. Them and Starbucks, because that’s who she’s with all the time.

Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail.

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Britney And The Judge Rumble

October 12, 2007 Comments off

He Calls Her Idiotic Irresponsible

October 11. 2007

Not too bright Britney Spears fought with Commissioner Scott Gordon at a closed custody hearing today that she showed up 5 hours late to, showing her lack of dedication to her kids.

She was characterized as rude, condescending, argumentative and patronizing. The judge refused to grant her overnight visitation rights, labeling her an irresponsible person with substance abuse and emotional issues that are detrimental to her children.

It wasn’t until K-Fed relented and allowed her one overnight visit per week with the kids that the two sides finally wrapped up the hearing with the judge signing off on it.

The judge gave her a set of orders to follow, which was a test in itself, and she didn’t meet a single one of them. It wasn’t until her kids were taken that she decided to get off her butt and do something, pardon the pun.

As I wrote two days ago, here’s hoping those kids are well protected (from her). As I have also maintained for months, Britney is still in that sick Kabbalah group Madonna introduced her to, which is the source of her madness.

In the last two weeks, Britney was photographed a few times walking around with the cult’s books, boldly and blatantly advertising them in a staged manner.

Britney in 2003 wearing the Kabbalah red string:

I think this is a good thing. Here’s why. It’s the worst possible endorsement for Kabbalah. You all watched Britney go from a semi-normal teenager to a complete nutcase since she started being mentored in Kabbalah by Madonna in 2003 – a sect that most Jews hate. Madonna’s visit to Israel last month was not a welcome one according to the Jerusalem Post and other web sites.

A U.K. web site further stated a famous Chelsea football club manager Madonna was trying to indoctrinate with Kabbalah was warned to stay away from them because they are sick.

The beginning of Britney’s descent was captured in EW on November 31, 2003, three months after she joined Kabbalah and began sporting the red string:

What better deterrent for the public not to join the sick, abhorrent Kabbalah cult than watching a young pop star who had a big career, a famous wealthy boyfriend, huge fan base, big bank account and happy personality, disintegrate after becoming a member.

After joining the cult she became a rage filled, made up language babbling, child endangering zombie who is a prime candidate for a straight jacket. It’s not the same Britney anymore. Her eyes are so vacant and lifeless and her personality is gone.

It should also be noted, a member of the Kabbalah cult that became depressed and began breaking down like Britney is doing, committed a vicious double murder. Phiona Davis killed her grandmother and boyfriend by stabbing them over 70 times each then kept going like nothing happened.

It was a terrible byproduct of the cult’s doctrines, brainwashing, chanting, repetitive phrases in their books and invasion of privacy they use on members.

I’ve had members from that sick cult email me telling me how the cult can read their minds as they’ve invested in “mind reading technology” (Russian technology) and that they “bugged them.” Amazingly, Britney broke down in rehab and also said she was being bugged and people can read her mind (News Of The World article).

Kabbalah has done such a terrible mind job on these people. They’ve rendered them mentally ill. Psychologists all agree that the damage cults like these do is irreversible.

The head of the Kabbalah cult, the contemptible Philip Berg and his disgusting family, are sick, wicked, money grubbing people who should have been locked away years ago.

Instead they’ve been allowed to spread this scourge that is Kabbalah, which has destroyed so many lives. You have a lot to answer to God for and as the Bible says, “You’ll reap what you sow.”

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Britney Spears’ Craziness Continues

October 9, 2007 Comments off

Bad Song, Bad Video, Bad Album, Bad Parenting & Bad Paparazzi Addiction

October 8. 2007

Her new video looks like a parody when it isn’t.

Britney Spears’ new music video for her strange sounding song Gimme More was released last week and audiences panned it. Amazingly, iTunes lists her song as having sold 170,000 copies, but some have publicly questioned that figure. I do as well.

Her music video shot to #1 on iTunes. However, people are curious about the video, as they’d seen terrible still shots from it online a few months ago. The song is still lacking airplay, which is a first for the “disgraced pop star.”

The song is sub par and the video is terrible. It is unequivocally her worst. It has been said the video was done to Britney’s liking. Jive Records, left with no choice, went along with it, creating her worst, most unprofessional video to date. The album sounds terrible as well.

Kids, Here’s Reason # 1,047,007 Not To Do Drugs – It Destroys Your Looks:



It is being reported that she passed her most recent court ordered drug test, yet she has been out and about acting as crazy as ever, which is a bad sign.

Brand New Car Already Damaged

She was seen driving onto a sidewalk, damaging her car once again and later yelling her fast food order through her car window…without rolling the window down first. A photographer felt sorry for her and bought the food for her.

She also called the police complaining her home was broken into, but the police found no evidence of a break-in. Days prior she broke down screaming and crying in her car and it was all caught on camera.

After losing her kids, she told the paparazzi in an odd, high pitched voice that is not her usual speaking tone, “I’m so happy.” Who in their right mind would be happy after losing custody of their kids? But that’s just it. Britney’s not in her right mind, now is she, drugs or no drugs.

She even caught a ride to her hotel with the paparazzi, who really aren’t being helpful in the situation.

They lie to her all the time, shouting compliments at her, when her conduct does not merit it. It doesn’t matter how badly, embarrassingly or provocatively she is dressed or how crazy her conduct, they act like it’s normal and ladle the compliments over a sick mind that is treating it as validation.

Spears even missed her first supervised visit with her sons, leaving them waiting 40 minutes in her ex-husband’s vehicle that was parked in her driveway.

She later gave the implausible excuse that the intercom on her property was not working and that’s why she didn’t know they were outside.

Didn’t she think it odd that they did not show up for the prearranged visit. Did she not call to see what happened to her children and why they hadn’t arrived?

Her excuses don’t add up. Either way, here’s hoping the monitors for future supervised visits will properly watch her to ensure she does not do anything irrational and seriously harm her children. It is a real possibility and her kids need protecting even during visits. She is not of sound mind and is a danger to her kids.

Additionally, her former bodyguard Tony Baretto and his lawyer Gloria Allred have filed a child abuse complaint with CPS against Spears.

“The attorney says that Barretto met for two hours with officials last week and formally lodged a “child abuse referral”.
“The referral asks for an investigation into Britney Spears and her behaviour with her two young children,” Allred said in a statement.

“It was our understanding at the end of the meeting … (that) the department will investigate to the best of their ability,” Allred continued.

“It was important that we filed because the department has no legal power to investigate unless there is a filing. Now that we have filed, they have the power to open an investigation.”

Authorities declined comment but one expert, family law lawyer Lynn Soodik, said: “A referral to the department is extremely serious.” – Daily Mail

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Britney Spears Loss Of Custody Adjudicated

October 4, 2007 Comments off

Spears Granted Supervised Visits

October 3. 2007

Jayden: finally, no more scary voices!

Commissioner Scott Gordon officially awarded Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline full custody of their two toddlers today. He only granted Spears monitored visits. Several months ago I wrote the same in this Column:

As I’ve stated before, Federline should get custody and Spears supervised visits. – August 13, 2007

If I were the judge, I’d give the kids to K-Fed, and grant you supervised visits, as you have clearly illustrated that you are mentally, emotionally and physically unstable – July 11. 2007

When a parent clearly exhibits the signs of madness, should their children be allowed to remain with them unsupervised.- May 11. 2007

Wrong Reaction: Spears Smiling After Losing Custody


While I am no Spears fan over her conduct mentioned on my lawsuit page on my Aisha Music site, I have nothing against her kids. They look so helpless and distressed most of the time. Here’s hoping Federline and both sets of grandparents will take proper care of the kids.

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Britney Spears Grinning After Losing Her Kids

October 3, 2007 Comments off

She Must Be On Some Strong Stuff

October 2. 2007

Here’s one of the first pictures of a distraught Britney Spears after surrendering her kids two days early to her ex-husband Kevin Federline:

Yes, I know. It makes no sense to me either. I’ve stopped trying to understand it. I just chalk it up to her insanity. She acts like her babies were like the brat in the movie the Problem Child when she is the Problem Child. I saw that movie and that little boy put the e in evil. While Britney puts the e in ecstasy, as in the pill.

Her boys are home with K-Fed in the Valley. No, not the “valley of the shadow of death,” which is where they were with Britney (people were praying for them, I know I was), the San Fernando Valley.

Beverly Hill Billy Britney

In other news, Britney’s bodyguard was photographed dropping Britney off at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, then driving to a dark alley miles away to pick up a brown bag from a man, which he brought back to Spears. Many are stating it was drugs.

It wouldn’t be the first time she got stoned in a hotel. Her bodyguard’s testimony that dominated headlines last week, included an incident of her overdosing with then boyfriend Howie Day.

Ya’ll know full well he wasn’t picking up Mother Goose books for the kids in that dark alley that late at night. There’s only two things you could be doing in a dark alley at night – selling drugs or selling yourself.

Flashback pic of Britney a few years ago before drugs and alcohol began ravaging her looks:

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