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Democrats To Mrs. McCain: “Show Me The Money!”

July 14, 2008 Comments off

Democrats Complain Of Disclosure Double Standard

John McCain

Democrats are complaining of a double standard in that billionaire Teresa “ketchup” Heinz had to disclose her finances during her husband John Kerry’s 2004 Democratic presidential bid, while the wife of 2008 Republican nominee, John McCain, has refused to.

Well, fair is fair. Do to one what you do to all (and vice versa).

John McCain and wife Cindy

John Kerry’s wife was said to be worth $750 million dollars with some of her funds helping him in his campaign for the presidency. Fast forward four years and the same is being said about John McCain.

John Kerry and wife Teresa

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John Kerry vs. John McCain

June 27, 2008 Comments off

John McCain: what did he say about me!?

Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, is being called too young and Republican, John McCain, is being called too old. Various outlets are debating the pros and cons of the nominees’ respective ages.

If an individual is intelligent and competent, their age, whether it be 40 or 70, should not be a factor.

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle

Former presidential nominee senator John Kerry got into a verbal fight with John McCain over the age issue. John Kerry deems McCain too old and “confused.”

What the nation needs in the next president is a peaceful, law abiding, intelligent thinker that can pass a CAT scan, which I am afraid the current incumbent might not be able to do:

John McCain attacks John Kerry ‘confused’ gibe as slur on his age

John McCain faced further questions about his age yesterday after John Kerry, the Democrats’ 2004 presidential nominee, described the 71-year-old Republican as “confused” over Iraq.

“I’m obviously disappointed in a comment like that,” Mr McCain said after a clash between his presidential campaign and that of Barack Obama over remarks that the Republican made about US troop levels in Iraq.

Is McCain too old? Is Obama too young?

Megan McArdle says John McCain’s biggest problem isn’t age or health, but the fact that he’s a Republican. Ezra Klein’s response will appear below shortly.

Hacking Democracy

May 10, 2008 Comments off

Title: Hacking Democracy

Year Of Release: 2007

Review Date: May 9, 2008

Rating: PG

Running time: 82 minutes

Box Office Gross: N/A

Recommendation: A great documentary on how dangerously flawed the U.S. voting system is thanks to Diebold machines and software. A real must see.

What’s the most powerful company in America? Wal-Mart with its $378 billion dollars in revenue? No. Microsoft with its $50 billion dollars in revenue? No. How about Google with its $16 billion in revenue? Once again, no.

Any company that can single-handedly put a person in office from Congress to the White House, is the most powerful company in the nation.

Introducing Diebold. A company with less yearly revenues than the above mentioned corporate behemoths, $2 billion, but one with a much longer arm that extends into politics. Way into politics, shaping the nation’s future, without most people even knowing it.

This documentary’s tag line should have been “Diebold – picking winners so you don’t have to”

Diebold is a U.S. company that manufactures voting software and hardware. Their products have been so unreliable, wrong candidates have been elected to office as a result.

Error prone Diebold machines count 80% of votes in all elections. Yet, this documentary accurately exposed the terrible fact that the security on Diebold machines is so poor, that they can be quickly hacked and physically broken into “in 10 seconds flat.” They showed this on camera.

A computer expert declared in the documentary that Diebold machines can be, “Easily hacked without being detected.” Computer scientists at acclaimed universities further proved this astonishing, but true claim as well.

Checks And Balances

Checks and balances? There are none. The company that is supposed to test the Diebold software, Ciber, gave it passing grades across the board.

The hackable, unreliable software passed the security checks in many categories. The main area they should have tested, they did not.

The test results stated, “Penetration analysis not reviewed.” Translation – they didn’t test if a hacker could penetrate the system.

The documentary exposed Diebold machines and software as being so unreliable, that it was counting votes backwards. Candidates were wrongfully losing votes that were fraudulently going to their opponents.

Malfunctioning Machines

A candidate that was running for local office went to check how the voting was going. With a camera man in tow, she illustrated that on the 15 machines she tested by pressing her name as the candidate she wished to vote for, each time it registered a vote for her opponent, with his name flashing at the bottom of screen as the selected candidate, when he was not.

Statements About Diebold Software

Diebold is “running uncertified software” – State of California

“Numerous, severe vulnerabilities in code” – A professor from Johns Hopkins University

“16 security flaws found” – Berkley University

“Optical scan machines are being rigged to produce the results for Bush”

Harry Hursti

A computer security expert from abroad, Harry Hursti, bought a memory card reader to explore Diebold voting software for the documentary.

He found that the software has “a modifiable program” and “an executable code” meaning one can change the votes on the standard Diebold memory card to reflect whatever you wish.

He wrote that a “program lurking” on the Diebold memory cards can change the result of votes. His report reflecting this information was “dismissed and stonewalled” by Diebold.

They did various demonstrations, utilizing both digital and paper votes, that showed the machines malfunctioning on camera.

Dumpster Diving – Diebold For Bush

Normally, I am not for dumpster diving, as corporate entities often use this invasive practice to steal from others, but in this case what was discovered was very eye opening.

The documentary’s camera crew and host found documents listing accounts receivables to Diebold from the “8th District Republican Committee” in Texas.

They also found a copy of a letter from Diebold chief executive Wally O’Dell to George Bush’s 2004 campaign that stated “I am committed to delivering the votes of Ohio to George W. Bush”

After the election, where John Kerry led in the exit polls in Ohio, George Bush took that crucial state and the nation in a surprise victory, and according to the documentary, “The Feds stayed away.”

The Feds did not investigate. Why would FBI director Robert Mueller investigate George W. Bush, when the President basically owns him. They meet every week according to published reports. Bush appointed him and they behave as though the FBI is a private, corporate offshoot of the Bush administration.

Supreme Court

Let’s not forget, in 2000 the Supreme Court gave George Bush the highly disputed presidential election, via Anthony Scalia’s coercion of the other jurists according to CBS.

The arrogant, smug, cocky, incompetent Scalia was interviewed on CBS recently and his speech illustrated he is more concerned with publicity than justice and truth. It shall be your legacy.

What’s the big deal, right. After all, you only single-handedly put into office a pathological liar that started a phony war over his obsession with stealing Middle Eastern oil, whilst bringing America to unprecedented lows, simultaneously costing the nation its place in the world, with thousands of soldiers losing their lives and over a million civilians theirs as well.

Bush fooled many in the world, but those who knew better in government had a duty to rein his madness in, but instead for the lure of so called power and fortune, helped it along.

Pundits Proclaim Race Over

May 8, 2008 Comments off

Obama Too Far Ahead

As the above posted clip illustrates, many are saying it’s over for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. However, Hillary has released an implausible, illogical excuse for staying in the race. Her excuse? in 2004 John Kerry was ahead in the polls, yet George Bush won anyway. And your point horse killer?

That’s like comparing apples and oranges. John Kerry was leading in the Democratic race, you are not. You have a virtually insurmountable delegate deficit. Superdelegates weren’t even taking your calls today according reports.

I think you’re cracking up or can’t add. Do you need people to get you in therapy to let this thing go, Hillary. You’re in denial.

Barack and Michelle Obama

If the superdelegates and Congress go against the will of the people and make Hillary the nominee, blacks on different well-read web sites are vowing not to turn out and vote for her. There are 40,000,000 black people in America and if the 10 voters in that number…just kidding.

Seriously, there are millions of black voters in America (I’m not the Census Bureau, people, I don’t have the exact number) that will not support her if he is robbed.

Hillary Clinton

*pointing at Hillary like Matlock* you steal the nomination from him, and come general election time, your voting line will have a distinct lack of color. Do not rob him of his place in history. He beat you fair and square.

Obama wins most delegates in Tuesday’s primaries

In the overall race for the nomination, Obama led with 1,846.5 delegates, including separately chosen party and elected officials known as superdelegates. Clinton had 1,696.

That leaves Obama just 178.5 delegates shy of the 2,025 needed to secure the Democratic nomination.

There are 217 delegates at stake in the final six contests: West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota. Obama, however, won’t win enough of those delegates to claim the nomination because of the proportional method used by the Democrats to award them.

That leaves the nomination in the hands of about 265 superdelegates who have yet to be claimed. Superdelegates are the party and elected officials who will automatically attend the national convention and can support whomever they choose, regardless of what happens in the primaries and caucuses.

Pundits declare the race over

Very early this morning, after many voters had already gone to sleep, the conventional wisdom of the elite political pundit class that resides on television shifted hard, and possibly irretrievably, against Senator Hillary Clinton’s continued viability as a presidential candidate.

The moment came shortly after midnight Eastern time, captured in a devastatingly declarative statement from Tim Russert of NBC News: “We now know who the Democratic nominee’s going to be, and no one’s going to dispute it,” he said on MSNBC.

Clinton Campaign Going Broke Again

Hillary already loaned her campaign $5 million dollars this year. Now, she’s loaned it another $6.4 million dollars, as Obama has raised so much more money than she has, that she cannot keep up.

Clinton lends herself $6.4M as Obama’s lead grows

WASHINGTON (AP) – A campaign aide says Hillary Rodham Clinton loaned herself $6.4 million in the past month.

Politically wounded and financially strapped, Clinton plunged back into the presidential campaign Wednesday even as Barack Obama declared that Tuesday’s primary results left him with a “clear path to victory.”

Obama beat Clinton soundly in North Carolina and fell just short in an Indiana cliffhanger, a rebound for the Illinois senator that presented Clinton with fast-dwindling chances to deny him the Democratic presidential nomination.

The loan more than doubles Clinton’s personal investment in her bid for the Democratic nomination. She gave her campaign $5 million earlier this year.

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NATIONAL NEWS Funny Political Photos

March 31, 2008 Comments off

Republican candidate John McCain looking at Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Obama fighting for too long:

John McCain looking at what George Bush did to the U.S. Treasury:

Little girl to Hillary Clinton: you know you’re not gonna win, right!

Little girl to George Bush: I voted for Al Gore!

And to think Eli Manning & co. won the Super Bowl when this raw talent is running loose:

Bill Clinton to Angelina Jolie: “why don’t you cut that zero and get with this hero”

Rough Room

September 18, 2007 Comments off

Student Tasered By Police For Asking John Kerry A Question

September 18. 2007

Remind me never to ask presidential reject John Kerry a question. A student asked Senator Kerry a question at a gathering and got juiced by the police for it.

Did he talk about his mama, you ask? no. Did he tease him about losing the election? no. He started asking Kerry if he is a member of the clandestine, brow raising secret society Skull And Bones, and the cops moved in like he was O.J.

The sinister Skull And Bones society count George Bush and John Kerry as members.

All over the internet, the general sentiment is, so much for freedom of speech and why did Senator Kerry just stand there and let them do that.

He stood there with that ever present, sleepy, basset hound look on his face and let them rough the guy up and taser him. He stood by as they hauled him out of there as well and at no time did he tell them to stop, because it was excessive. Those tasers have killed people.

Kerry’s conduct reflected an all too familiar congressional stance of inaction and looking the other way. He should be voted out for it.

He’s being slammed for it. Google it.

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Clueless Candidates

July 24, 2007 Comments off

I read an article on the BreitBart site ( that made me laugh at how clueless and corny some of the 2008 presidential hopefuls are.

John K to John E: you know you’re gonna lose, right!
John E to John K: And you already did! Back up, I don’t want that to rub off!

Given the task of producing their own videos, John “Ann Coulter punked me” Edwards and Hillary “I have more testosterone than my husband” Clinton did the following:

“Clinton’s video-ad ended with the kicker, “Sometimes the best man for a job is a woman.”

While I’m thinking = Which would disqualify you anyway, now wouldn’t it, Hillary.

Edwards’ video poked fun at the attention paid to his pricey haircuts at the expense of more serious issues. Set to the theme from the 1968 musical “Hair,” the video opens with several closeup of hairdos, giving way to less frivolous images including several from Iraq. It ends with a white-on-black slide: “What really matters? You Choose”

While I’m thinking = Bush messed up the budget enough with Iraq and he didn’t spend $450 on a hair cut, which makes me wonder just what you would do considering you actually did spend $450 on ONE haircut.

Still, the best presidential video thus far this year, and an unofficial one might I add, was the tech at the internet company that totally let Hillary have it with this Obama ad:


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Questioning The Candidates

July 7, 2007 Comments off

…Sort Of…

The Questions Interviewers Are Scared To Ask

July 7. 2007

Questions for candidate John Edwards:

Edwards (left) Kerry (right)

1. I read you paid $400 out of campaign funds for what is essentially a $12 haircut. Ever heard of Super Cuts? Just trying to save you some money. You’re welcome.

2. Do you think spending $400 on a haircut makes the public wonder just what your spending would be like if you were elected? Think about that.

3. After being on the ticket with John Kerry in 2004 and losing by millions of votes, do you think you stand a snowball’s chance in…

4. Why didn’t you stand up to Ann Coulter, apparently known on the internet as “Anthrax,” when she called you the F word. Why did you send your woman out to fight for you? I think you could take Ann…maybe…

Questions for candidate Hillary Clinton:

1. Are you a lesbian?

2. Are you a switch hitter?

3. Are you a “femi-nazi” like you are called on the net?

4. Did you emasculate Bill Clinton?

5. Does Bill still have the number for Hooters on speed dial?

6. Reports surfaced last week that the Secret Service arrested someone outside Senator Barack Obama’s hotel, for stalking him and being a possible physical threat A/K/A assassination attempt. Girl, was that you?

7. Have you ever “inhaled” as your husband calls it?

Questions for candidate Barack Obama:

1. How does it feel being the first black candidate to make it this far in a U.S. presidential race without getting shot?

2. You beat Hillary “Billary” Clinton in fund raising, which could not have gone over well with her. Are you scared she might body slam you?

3. Was that Hillary outside your hotel being arrested by the Secret Service as a possible physical threat? Just asking.

4. You are a member of a very liberal Christian church, which to some is an oxymoron. Your church has ordained openly gay ministers, against the policies of many Christian churches. Do you think this contradicts the Bible and teachings of Christ, which forbids homosexuality, but offers forgiveness if there is repentance (change in conduct)?

5. I read an article that stated you used to go to an Islamic mosque when you were younger. Do you still espouse those beliefs?

6. Do you think being a mixed race black helps you in any way in running for president? People can be really funny that way and unjustifiably so. While you can’t control that, honestly, do you think it has helped you?

7. Are you expecting some horrific story, made up or otherwise, to surface about you, because you’ve made such strides in your campaign?

Questions for candidate Rudy Giuliani:

1. Do you think the way you cleaned up and whipped New York into shape will help you in your bid for the presidency? You became famous in the country for cleaning up that massive city.

2. Do you think your grit and mental fortitude after 9/11 in making strides in unifying the city of New York will help you in your bid for the presidency?

3. Journalists often speak and write of your personal life and your marriages. How do you put that in perspective in your bid for the presidency?

4. I read that you are Catholic, but pro-abortion. Do you think that will help or hurt? Have you thought of changing your stance due to the large number of Christians in America (70%).

5. America has its first Italian-American House Speaker. How would it feel to become the first Italian-American president?

Questions for candidate Fred Thompson:

1. As a television actor that gained acclaim on the forever running TV show Law And Order, do you think you can pull off a Ronald Reagan and become president?

2. Do you think your acting abilities will aid you in your bid for the presidency. To borrow a line from the movie Back To The Future, where Marty McFly goes back in time from the 80’s to the 50’s, and is asked by Dr. Brown, “Who is the President (of the United States) in 1985?” and responds, “Ronald Reagan” he is met with the statement, “No wonder your president is an actor. He has to look good on television.”

3. Do you think having a young wife will help or hamper your bid for the presidency? People have commented online about her age and youthful appearance. How do you respond to that?

4. Is Hillary a lesbian like that book says? What have you heard?

Questions for candidate Sam Brownback:

1. You hold traditional views, but do you ever wish your last name was Greenback, instead of Brownback, cause it means money?

2. If elected, how would you improve America?

3. Is Hillary a lesbian like that book says? What have you heard?

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