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Mom Of Thieving, Drug Abusing, DUI Prone Starlet Wins Mother Of The Year

May 10, 2008 Comments off

In What Universe, You Ask? And No, You Are Not In the Twilight Zone!

Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan, is the flesh flashing, George Clooney stalking, mother of former actress, Lindsay Lohan. Dina, allowed her daughter Lindsay to have hotel sleepovers with male stars, whilst in her mid-teens.

Dina sat idly by, as her now broke meal ticket became a drug addicted alcoholic before even coming of age. Not to mention, the many DUIs her daughter racked up before age 21, that caused innocent people physical and property damage.

Dina’s daughter Lindsay has further criminally stolen expensive clothing items in two unrelated cases.

Dina’s daughter Lindsay was photographed at age 19, intimately kissing 50-year-old designer and all around perv, Donna Karan, on the mouth, who is also a member of the Kabbalah cult.

Well, Dina has inexplicably been named Mother Of The Year in Long Island, New York. Yes, you read that right.

Now, I like Long Island. I have friends there, but I know not a one of them voted for Dina. So, just how did she get this award. Who did she sleep with or pay off?

Well, actually, the family is broke from the many lawsuits and accompanying legal fees associated with Dina and Lindsay’s misconduct in a number of things, so who did she sleep with?

Seriously, I’m sure there were more deserving moms in Long Island.

Lindsay Lohan in fur coat she stole

A bad mother is not one that tries hard to keep their kid on the straight and narrow, and then for whatever reason, the kid messes up anyway.

A bad mother is one that encourages irresponsible behavior and or sits back and lets it happen unchallenged.

Mother of the Year hiking her skirt up for the camera:


May 8, 2008 — MORE surprised than anyone that Dina Lohan was honored as a “top mom” this week was her ex-husband, Michael Lohan, who called the award from the Mingling Moms Organization “a joke.”

Michael fumed, “Are you kidding! Top celebrity mom? Look at her off-screen antics, her lack of morals and how she conducts herself. I guess they forgot to mention how this top super-mom leaves her kids alone at night and even parties in their presence. Just wait until we go back to court.

“She comes stumbling out of Butter at 3:15 a.m. with bloodshot eyes and a red runny nose, yelling ‘Oh, [bleep],’ when she saw the paparazzi,” Michael raged to Page Six.

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Ron Weasley Slams Paris Hilton And Lindsay Lohan

April 16, 2008 Comments off

Turns Out Men Do Find DUIs, Drug Convictions, STDs And Crazy Chicks Troublesome

April 16. 2008

Ron Weasley: I didn’t know a woman could have that many STDs! What exactly is Parisitis!

Though I am not a fan of the Harry Potter series, one of its lead actors, Ron Weasley, accurately summed up Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton to a tee.

Paris “free clinic” Hilton

When asked why he won’t get a place in Los Angeles, like his co-star Daniel Radcliffe, who bought a second home away from London, in New York, he squarely blamed the vapidity that is Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

He hilariously said of former actress Lindsay Lohan:

“I met Lindsay last summer and she talked about herself a lot. She said she was going to win an Oscar before she turns 25. I just kept thinking, ‘But you can’t act’.”

Paris with one of the fugly shoes in her clothing line. I hope that’s the only one. It looks like she killed a lizard to get it done.

Regarding Paris Hilton he stated:

“I haven’t met Paris and don’t want to either. She and Lindsay are the type of girls you need to stay away from.”

Well said Weasley. Sites all over the world are laughing in agreement at your statements. Who knew they were bad for tourism. source

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Lindsay Living With Lover

April 15, 2008 Comments off

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Fornicator Lindsay Lohan has been living with her lover, but it’s not what you think. It’s another woman, Samantha Ronson. Oh dear.

The felon, Lohan, busted twice for DUI and cocaine possession, continues to hang around one of her worst influences. As some of you may remember, when Lohan was arrested last year for DUI and drugs, Ronson was in the car with her.

She was also photographed with Lindsay, while the former actress went out and got high and skunk drunk at various Los Angeles drug dens watering holes.

It is also being reported that Lindsay refuses to visit her grandma in the hospital, who is suffering with cancer.

You Kabbalah nutters don’t seem to care about cancer sufferers, as when you’re not ignoring them in their poor, infirmed state, you’re trying to fleece them out of their money, by telling them that government board cited, polluted Kabbalah water, sold to them at exorbitant prices, coupled with big financial donations to you, will cure them, which is unscientific and plain cruel (BBC documentary and other supporting international articles).

May God have mercy on you for fleecing cancer victims and prolonging their suffering, in turning them away from medical science in favor of quackery.

You’re the kind of cult, that say a cure to cancer was found, you’d steal the money the lab had to mass produce it, so you could keep selling that phony Kabbalah water.

Robert “Double Standard” Mueller, is a first rate hypocrite. Overcame prostate cancer, yet allows Madonna and that Kabbalah cult to fleece cancer victims from U.S. Shores, because the figurehead is famous.

It’s amazing that the FBI has clamped down on a few individuals that unethically sold fake cures, yet mysteriously has overlooked the unmitigated criminal fraud the Kabbalah Center and Madonna openly engage in from U.S. shores, regarding defrauding cancer patients and others struggling with disease, via fraudulent Kabbalah water.

Does someone need to scan Robert Mueller’s bank account, as he loves doing to innocent Americans he’s spied on, misusing the Patriot Act, for which he was condemned in Congress.

Clearly the phrase “Liberty and justice for all” is not in Robert Mueller’s vocabulary. Nice work protecting victims Mr. Mueller – not!

Lindsay Lohan’s pal Samantha Ronson has “practically moved in” with the troubled star at her Los Angeles pad in a bid to make sure she stays away from drugs.

“Sam still has her own place,” a source told the New York Post, “but she spends every night at Lindsay’s” to make sure she stays away from drink, drugs and trouble.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Losses

March 6, 2008 Comments off
Lohan’s Image And Finances Take A Beating After DUIs, Cocaine Possession And Multiple Lawsuits

March 5. 2008

2007 saw Lindsay Lohan lose lucrative film deals, her career and reputation through a string of DUIs, Cocaine possession arrests and lawsuits for harming members of the public and creating property damage via her insobriety.

2008 is off to a bad start as well with Lohan being awarded a record 8 Razzies for her panned performance in the box office bomb “I Know Who Killed Me,” a disgraceful, mocked semi-nude photo shoot posing as the late Marilyn Monroe and now comes word she might lose a big modeling contract with Jill Stuart.

Due to substance abuse that does not look like the face of a 21 year old

Lohan’s poor choices and the ensuing damage it has caused her and others should serve as warning to young entertainers not to take anything for granted and don’t believe your own hype, as it will be your undoing.

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Paris Hilton’s Brother Barron Arrested For DUI

February 12, 2008 Comments off
Because The Family That Drinks Together…Gets DUIs Together

February 12. 2008

Barron Hilton (right) Paris Hilton (left)…no wait, Barron Hilton (left) Paris Hilton (right)…Paris is looking a little androgynous there.

Paris Hilton’s 18-year-old brother Barron was arrested for a hit and run DUI, where his blood alcohol level was almost two times the legal limit (.14).

He hit a gas station attendant in Malibu and kept going. To make matters worse, he is under twenty-one and not supposed to be drinking and was also caught with a fake ID.

Last year, Paris Hilton was charged, arrested and incarcerated for DUI and repeatedly driving without a valid license.

Boy, that’s a family of winners. Actually, that’s a family of wieners.

Barron Hilton’s mug shot

There’s something wrong in that family, producing this severe level of dysfunction. Well, to be fair, having Paris Hilton for a sister would drive anyone to drinking. Just kidding.

Seriously, that family needs help before it completely self-destructs. Paris (daughter) doing pornographic videos and DUIs, Barron (brother) under age drunk driving and hitting a civilian who’s on foot, Nicky (sister) looking like she is literally dying from anorexia nervosa and Kathy (mother) going clubbing with her adult daughters, whilst wearing a see through blouse. Something’s not right there.

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Hogan Family Faces Crisis

November 24, 2007 Comments off

Civil Suit Over Son’s Car Accident, Hulk Hogan’s Wife Files For Divorce

November 23. 2007

Video clip of the Hogan family from “Vehicular Lunatics” street racing DVD

Pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan is facing divorce from his wife of 24 years, Linda. She filed for divorce on November 20, 2007. The family had been thrust into the spotlight over the last couple years with their realty show, Hogan Knows Best, filmed in Tampa and Miami, Florida.

Recently, their son, Nick, was involved in a car accident that left his passenger, soldier John Graziano, in a vegetative state. Graziano’s skull was broken in the accident, rendering him comatose. His family is preparing to file a civil suit against the Hogans, as it is being said Nick was street racing when the accident happened, which is illegal. Hogan was wearing a seatbelt, Graziano was not.

The State of Florida has filed felony charges against Nick, whose blood alcohol level the night of the accident was 0.055. While that is under the legal limit of .08, Hogan is a minor and not allowed to consume alcohol. He is being charged as an adult as well. Nick’s license has been suspended, as he was cited 4 times in one month for speeding in separate incidences.

It is regrettable that a family that seemed close, especially a husband and wife who have been married for so many years, is now facing divorce.

This is the worse possible time they should try to divorce. With all that’s going on with their son and his friend that is now on life support, they don’t need to add divorce to the mix.

Divorce is a sad thing and it is my hope that they reconcile. They seem well suited to each other.

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Lindsay Lohan Does Hard Time…84 Minutes

November 16, 2007 Comments off

November 16. 2007

ex-con Lindsay Lohan

Due to overcrowding in L.A. county jails, Lindsay “The Black Kid Did It” Lohan was released early after serving 84 minutes of a one day jail sentence for cocaine possession (twice), drunk driving (twice) and damaging public property (once, but not before running over “the black kid’s” foot).

Even her waste of celluloid movies last longer than that. Regardless, Lindsay has been easing back into her old routine, which could spell a repeat visit if she is not careful.

It’s rare that one finds this kind of sophistication and grace:

Paris “The Felon” Hilton is another one slipping back into her old routine. A few months ago after she was released from jail (LOL), she told Larry King that she had changed, but just this week she was spotted out partying…on a stripper pole…looking wasted…surrounded by men.

And to think people pay models to walk down runways while an undiscovered STD socialite like Paris is hanging around:

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Dr. Death

November 14, 2007 Comments off

Kanye West’s Mom Passes Away Due To Terribly Negligent Doctor

November 13. 2007

Donda and Kanye West

Rapper Kanye West’s mom, Dr. Donda West, passed away last week from complications associated with negligent plastic surgery. It has since been revealed that she had a preexisting medical condition that made plastic surgery a risk.

To make matters worse, a breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedure performed on her that was supposed to take 4 hours, ended up taking 8 hours at the hands of a very negligent doctor, Jan Adams.

Kanye West

As more information became available it was revealed Dr. Adams has received several DUIs (driving under the influence of drugs and or alcohol) and is not a board certified plastic surgeon. Additionally, he has several malpractice lawsuits against him, some of which carry judgment awards that he has yet to pay.

When someone has that many lawsuits against them for the exact same misconduct that says there is a problem there. He should have lost his medical license long ago.

Some politicians are against patients being able to sue their doctors, but in some cases it is warranted. Dr. Adams has a very telling history of serious malpractice, betraying a pattern of misconduct that is clearly rooted in carelessness and deviation from established medical standards. He has caused members of the public permanent injury – with this latest incident resulting in a fatality.

Dr. Jan Adams

He is now being investigated in Los Angeles and rightfully so. It is sad that it took something like this to bring the investigation about. It is being said that they wanted to suspend him from medicine last year after the multiple DUIs, but did not.

It is understandable that West’s mother went to this man for surgery. After all, he was on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2003 and is regularly featured on the Discovery Channel. One would think that one would not need to check up on someone with such a CV. Apparently you do. But Dr. West can’t be blamed. Who would have thought he was this bad in his chosen field and appearing on such programs dispensing medical advice.

In my humble opinion, he should face charges on criminal negligence. He should be indicted for practicing medicine so haphazardly. He has a history of causing extensive damage to his patients. Now he has cost one her life. His excuses cannot bring West’s mother back, in an incident that could have been avoided.

Every life counts. Not just because she has a famous son. She was a human being first and foremost, with rights, that Dr. Adams betrayed in not giving her the best medical care available.

After operating on a 58 year old woman with a preexisting medical condition, for far too many hours, he negligently sent her home, rather than to a recovery center where they could at least monitor her.

That has to be painful for her family and he should answer for that in a court of law. Had he not carried out his professional duties with such severe negligence and disregard for established medical protocols, none of this would have happened. He must be legally held accountable for that.

He has also damaged the profession of plastic surgery. Now people are going to be terrified of going under the knife. Yes, with all surgery there is a risk of complications, especially in older patients, but his poor conduct should not be deemed the standard.

There was nothing wrong with Dr. West’s appearance, but being in the industry she probably felt the pressure many have to look a certain way.

Dr. West lived 58 years and accomplished much in the field of education. My condolences to her family. At least she was a real Dr., pardon the pun…

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Jack Bauer Is Going To Jail

October 10, 2007 Comments off

No, The Terrorists Haven’t Won…The D.A. Did

You Think He’ll Try To Break Out?

October 9. 2007

Jack Bauer is going into a cell…and no, not a terrorist cell. A real cell. The kind they put Paris Hilton in (just thought I’d give Paris a nice flashback).

Actor Reefer Kiefer Sutherland, star of the hit TV show “24” has been sentenced to more than 24…days in jail on his fourth DUI. 30 days to be exact. Is he going for 24 DUIs?

Wonder if he’ll have a countdown clock in his cell like the one that runs on the show. I hate that clock, because you know it’s gonna run out before they wrap up the plot of that episode.

Not to tease him personally, though, as Kiefer is a good actor. Here’s hoping he kicks his addiction. Maybe they need to hang a sign under the Hollywood sign that states: GET A DRIVER!

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Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab

October 6, 2007 Comments off

Uh Oh, Lock Up The Nyquil, Lindsay Is Free!

October 6. 2007

Ya’ll know full well that pumpkin is full of cocaine

After months in the Cirque Lodge Rehab facility in Utah, where she flunked her drug test, Kabbalah crazy Lindsay Lohan is free…to face several legal cases that await her, which range from DUI arrests to causing bodily harm to property damage through negligence.

That was my way of welcoming her back to the real world. Have fun living in your lawyer’s office Lindsay.

Maybe being tied up in legal trouble will stop you from trespassing, stealing thousands of dollars worth of other people’s clothes prompting them to file police reports, illegally reading people’s emails and text messages sent to you via friends who consort with hackers and all the other nasty stuff you and those loonies in the Kabbalah cult get up to, you pervert.

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