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Usher Wants His Mommy Back

July 30, 2008 Comments off

Cue Sound Of Baby Crying

Usher: this is so not funny!

This is a follow up to my June 12, 2008 article titled Usher’s Fans Repay His Disloyalty. This week, folks in my site stats the New York Daily News New York Daily Snooze, as the New York Post calls them, poached my article about Usher’s sales drop and that it was not due to industry sales being down, as artist Lil’ Wayne debuted with over a million copies sold of his CD, in the week proceeding Usher’s massive underperformance.

No one had commented on the sales decline – all the press touted was that Usher went #1 again with his new CD “Here I Stand.”

Usher and his son Usher jr. What a handsome, gorgeous little baby…which leads me to believe Usher and Tameka adopted him (just teasing about the adoption part).

However, remembering how he’d told off his fans, which I had written about last year and warned him if he didn’t shut it, he would lose sales when the new CD came out, which is what ultimately ended up happening a year later, I decided to comment on “Here I Stand” selling 650,000 less copies in the first week of release, than his previous CD “Confessions” (Confessions sold 1.1 million the first week on the shelves).

However, the New York Daily News added a twist. They claim Usher is “livid” which I don’t doubt, is blaming his label and that he fired everyone and wants to rehire his mommy. That, I can’t confirm, cause, well, I don’t know the negro.

Usher’s wife Tameka

Once again, serves you right for telling off your fans. It’s not their fault they got confused and thought you married a man. She acts like one. She acts like she is your husband. Not to mention, she left hers for you.

Usher with Tameka and her kids

Therefore, stop blaming everyone under the sun for your massive sales decline. You are to blame.

Usher mulling return of mom-ager Jonetta Patton

Monday, July 7th 2008, 4:00 AM – But now that Usher’s new album has been slow off the mark, he’s blaming Medina, say sources. True, the CD, “Here I Stand,” debuted at number one. But Usher is said to have been disappointed that it sold 433,000 in its first week, compared with his last CD, 2004′s “Confessions,” which had sales of 1.1 million in its first seven days.

Medina, who’s an expert at holding artists’ hands, reassured Usher that his latest sales were nothing to be ashamed of, considering the current climate of the record business. But then, three weeks later, Lil Wayne’s album, “Tha Carter III,” sold more than one million copies its first week out.

“Usher was livid!,” claims an insider. “He threatened to fire everyone.”

Juanita Bynum Divorce Made Final

July 8, 2008 Comments off

Juanita Bynum

Pastor Juanita Bynum’s divorce from Bishop Thomas Weeks was made final today. She filed for divorce after he assaulted her in an Atlanta parking lot. He has since apologized.

Thomas Weeks and Juanita Bynum

He didn’t get anything in the divorce other than a range rover. However, there was a issue that was brought up with jurists questioning whether or not a divorce could be granted in the case, as the two had sex after she filed for divorce. You learn something new every day.

Sex issue resolved: Bynum-Weeks marriage over

A divorce was finalized for the couple at 10:45 a.m before Judge Debra Turner.

Bynum agreed to pay $40,000 of Weeks’ attorney fees. They will keep individual assets they had before the marriage. Bynum wants to retrieve some personal items in Weeks possession, including a harp and sculpture.

Weeks a gets a 2004 Land Rover. And he pays any credit card debt in his name. No alimony was granted.

Before the final decree, the divorce proceeding was interrupted after Bynum revealed that the couple had sex last August after they had separated…

Turner left the courtroom to research whether the divorce could be granted under Georgia law, which, in part, sees sex by separated couples as a act of reconciliation.

The Tale Of Two Rappers

May 14, 2008 Comments off

One Going To Jail And One Is Not

T.I. And Remy Ma

TI A/K/A Clifford Harris

Rapper T.I., real name Clifford Harris, was up on very serious gun charges, but with the help of a pricey legal team, was able to avoid jail time, in exchange for one year on house arrest.

TI’s home in East Point, Georgia, the subject of an ATF raid

I didn’t think he was about to start World War III with the weaponry he had in his possession. However, he needs to start adhering to the law, especially considering he has children that would miss him during their formative years, if he is sent to jail. Stay out of trouble.

Rapper Remy Ma, a chatty, braggadocios, sacrilegious rapper, shot her best friend over allegedly stealing $3,000 out of her purse. Today, she was sentenced to 8 years in prison by a New York judge.

Remy Ma

I do believe she deserves the jail time, as her friend could have died. That is a human life she placed in mortal jeopardy and over $3,000. She too has a young son, age 8, that she clearly wasn’t thinking about when she pulled the trigger twice.

She needs to thank the judge, as she could have been sentenced to jail for far longer than 8 years. Maybe she will take the time to better herself and find God as many do in prison.

When one is in a jail cell, it gives one time to ponder the choices one has made. Some see the light and some don’t.

BREAKING NEWS: Remy Ma Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison

New York–Grammy-nominated rapper Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years in prison today by a Manhattan Supreme Court judge for shooting her friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph after the two argued over money after leaving a party.

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Eddie Murphy Marries Again

January 3, 2008 Comments off
But Still Hasn’t Found The Time To See His Baby

January 3. 2008

Actor Eddie Murphy, 45, married singer Babyface’s ex-wife, Tracey Edmonds, 40, in a private ceremony in beautiful Bora Bora.

It was an elaborate, well planned wedding, but amazingly he still hasn’t taken the time to plan a visit with his toddler, Angel Iris, who was at the center of an acrimonious paternity battle last year. So much for priorities, then. I don’t understand why you’re behaving that way towards a child, especially one that is yours.

Well done, Tracey. You’ve really raised the gold digging stakes. First literally chasing Babyface while he was still married to a woman in Georgia, then marrying him, then moving him out of Atlanta, where he was most creative, relocating him to Holmby Hills (Beverly Hills), where his career basically faded.

Clearly, Atlanta wasn’t glamorous enough for you (I don’t know why, Phipps Plaza is there and you could shop all day), which is too bad, because it was good for his career. It’s where he had his greatest successes.

I look forward to seeing what you will do to divorcee Eddie Murphy – “Pluto Nash 2″ or “Norbit 2″ anyone.

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Bynum Blasts Weeks Allegations That She Injured Herself

November 28, 2007 Comments off

Bynum Asks “How Can I Choke…And Kick Myself”

November 27. 2007

Juanita Bynum is disputing her estranged husband’s claim that she deliberately injured herself. Weeks stated in response to the allegations Bynum made and the charges that have been brought against him by the State of Georgia, “I know what happened that night. I was there … and those marks are not from me.”

Bynum then asked some very pertinent questions in response to Thomas Weeks’ latest statement that he did not attack her, but it was she that allegedly attacked herself:

“I am not the one on trial, therefore I have nothing to defend. How can I choke myself until the blood comes to the surface of my skin and then kick myself in five other places, one of which could not be photographed because it was in a private area. At this stage of my ministry/career with major projects pending, I would not have had any motive to stage my own attack and bring worldwide negative press to myself. Having been in ministry for 20 years and reaching world wide status prior to me meeting Bishop Weeks I am confident in the power of truth!”

She has a point there. How did she kick herself in those places. It’s not physiologically possible unless you’re Gumby, to kick yourself in your groin. Bynum further stated in Essence magazine:

“Yet, the facts and photos that were taken by the district attorney’s office of me two days later and the doctor’s report from two different hospitals could not be forged nor entered into the court system as legal documents for evidence, otherwise the District Attorney’s office would not have been able to pass down an indictment. When it comes to facts the courts are different from the media. In court you have to present real facts and witnesses run the risk of perjuring themselves, therefore I cordially invite all of Bishop Week’s witnesses to the stand.”

Rapper TI Free On Bond

October 29, 2007 Comments off

October 29. 2007

Rapper TI has been freed on a $3 million dollar bond, in charges stemming from illegal weapons possession. Under the terms of his bond, he is to be confined to his home on house arrest, with the ATF playing a supervisory role.

(TI and girlfriend singer Tiny)

TI said upon leaving court, “I want to thank all the fans for their support. Due to the severity of the situation, I can’t say much more.”

He faces a tough battle against the Feds who’ve clearly laid out a strong enough case to compel the judge. In all sincerity, I hope they will have mercy on you, since no one was threatened, assaulted or killed, as you have five children that don’t need to grow up without you.

TI attorneys – boy, there goes millions of dollars of his cash, over an illegal guns charge that could have been avoided, if he’d had proper security/bodyguards.

While I dislike your record label, Warner, for what they’ve been doing to me in pilfering my Copyrighted Catalog, and they are the main offender, I don’t want your life to go down the drain:

As a condition of his bond, Harris will not be allowed to leave his Henry County residence unless there is a medical emergency. Harris will only be allowed three visitors at a time during daylight hours. His girlfriend and his children will be allowed to reside at the residence.

Harris’ home will be subject to a search by ATF agents at any time and Harris must undergo alcohol and drug screening.

Harris had to hire a monitoring company, which will provide a person to monitor Harris 24 hours a day. The rapper will also be monitored by GPS.

If convicted, Harris faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each count.

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Michael Vick’s House For Sale

October 20, 2007 Comments off

Football Player Puts Atlanta House On The Market

October 20. 2007

Michael Vick has put his house on the market for $4.5 million dollars. The home boasts 8 bedrooms and 8 ½ baths. It is located in the Atlanta suburb of Duluth. So if you’ve got the cash, you know what to do.

Hey, I heard Usher and his master wife Tameka are looking for a new home.

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TI to the Feds: “You Don’t Know Me”

October 17, 2007 Comments off

TI to the Feds: “You Don’t Know Me”
Feds To TI: Um, Yes We Do Negro

Top Warner Bros Artist Arrested On Serious Gun Charges

October 17. 2007

TI And His Alter Ego Tip – Both Of Them Are Gonna Do The Time If The Feds Get Their Way

“I ain’t worried about the Feds investigation on me. I don’t care that they’re at my shows and they’re waiting on me”- TI’s You Don’t Know Me (2006)

…And I’m sure this lyric didn’t help either: “Rubber band man, wild as the Taliban, 9 in my right, 45 in my other hand “ – TI’s Rubber Band Man (2005)

“Say Hello To My Little Friend”: The Fed’s press conference regarding TI’s arrest displays his Scarface-esque cache of weaponry

And in the Negro No News this week, rapper TI was KO’d by the Feds on illegal gun possession charges. Um, remember that article I did back on June 21, 2007 titled, “TI Told No On House Purchase”…well, he did go ahead and buy another house…that the Feds raided a few days ago.

Busted the windows in and everything. Karate kicked the front door and found an arsenal of unlicensed weapons belonging to the rapper. It was a real Negro No moment.

It’s clear as day that the Feds were watching him for some time and now hope to give him some time. Just like they watched Tupac and we all know how that one ended.

TI is going with the newly spun defense that the guns belong to his bodyguards who live with him in his home, hence the presence of the heavy weaponry in his house. Hey, if you can sell them on that one more power to you (I’m just playing).

Me personally, I would go with the “Dick Cheney asked me to hold them for him” defense, so that means I have to get the Scooter Libby Special A/K/A an unmerited presidential pardon. But that’s just me.

They were waiting on TI to mess up and they found that ticket via his bodyguard, who had been allegedly buying weapons for the former felon turned rapper. For my international readers, there is a law in America that states a former felon cannot own weapons.

People are talking about a 10-13 year jail stretch for the charges he has been brought up on. Seems a bit severe. While it is the law and you have to respect it as such, to put someone in jail for that long on this type of offense, where no one was threatened, assaulted or killed, is heavy handed.

A Question For TI: why didn’t you leave that mentality behind. The mere fact that the guns were allegedly bought for you says maybe you knew you couldn’t own them legally. While I know you are a rapper and many rappers love guns, and you are also one whose life has been seriously threatened, I am sorry you didn’t get proper security and let them pack heat instead of you.

For years I have been writing on this site that when an artist or actor reaches a certain level they must leave certain people and influences behind. You have to keep your hands clean (famous or not).

This story is truly sad. To come from the adversity he did, get his life together and then fall prey to something like this is regrettable. What makes it worse is he has several kids that could lose him to jail for a long time.

TI’s girlfriend, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, of the R&B group Xscape, was arrested as well, charged with marijuana and Ecstasy possession. Considering sites are reporting she is pregnant again, please tell me she is not taking those things. That is not only harmful to your health, but that of an unborn child.

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Michael Vick – It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

September 6, 2007 Comments off

Crime And Consequence

September 5. 2007

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has agreed to a plea deal in the federal indictment that was handed down against him and his cousins, charging them with dog fighting and illegal gambling.

They were accused of animal cruelty in drowning, hanging and slamming the bodies of dogs against the ground that performed poorly. This infuriated animal rights groups, who began to protest Vick.

Vick denied killing the dogs. He has however admitted in his official plea that he did bankroll the illegal operation. Under the plea agreement, he could be facing one to five years in prison and fines for his conduct.

It is thought that he did not confess to certain charges in his statement to permit him being able to play in the NFL after the case and sentence concludes.

NFL commissioner Goodell was not so good to Vick. He has kicked him out of the NFL indefinitely. In a sternly worded statement he denounced Vick in no uncertain terms.

He has given approval to the Falcons to recoup $22,000,000 in signing bonuses that had been given to Vick. He’d made $40,000,000 prior to that in addition to base salary.

In any sports association, team owners and league executives are always careful to distance their organization from illegal gambling, lest it taint the sport in the public eye. They want to be able to sell their leagues as a family sport, enabling them to gain greater revenues.

However, the Falcons have stated they have too much of an investment in him to let him go from the franchise. They have pledged to work with him.

While I do not believe celebrities should be treated differently from everyday citizens, especially in the eyes of the law, as they certainly are not better than everyone else, this situation is truly sad and has brought out a lot of uneven thinking in some people.

Yes, what Vick did was wrong and animal cruelty is unkind, but how is it balanced or humane that people want to kill Vick, a human being, over this. He did not kill a human being and this case highlights how some care more about animals than they do people.

Am I the only one seeing the joker from Batman in this pic?:

Leona “Queen of Mean” Helmsley

Another case that highlights this undeniable fact is that real estate mogul, Leona Helmsley, left $12,000,000 and her 28 room mansion with servants to her dog in her will and nothing to her grandchildren. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s your flesh and blood…and human beings.

She looked much better when she smiled:

Back to Vick. He came from poverty and rose to stardom in the league. He became a black NFL quarterback, when there aren’t that many, in a great city, Atlanta. He was doing so well and to get in trouble at this stage is regrettable.

The whole thing was just a bad idea. The dogs shouldn’t have been subjected to that cruel treatment and he should not have been gambling.

I’m not a fan of gambling in any measure. It is especially dangerous when you’re an athlete. You must think of appearances and what it can evolve into, becoming detrimental to your career.

While Vick’s conduct was illegal, I have a question. Why is it there seems to be some serious disparities in how blacks and whites are treated by the FBI/DOJ. One can’t help but notice it.

There are white stars in Hollywood that have been committing very serious, sick, life threatening crimes for over two years, even abhorrently violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 click here, far worse than anything Vick has done, and they have not been indicted or even remotely ordered to desist. Yet Vick is being treated like a mass murderer and is facing federal sentencing. How do you explain that. If you’re going to lock up one set of people for breaking the law, then lock up others who transgress the law as well.

Same old racist double standard from the FBI. Well done Fuhrer Mueller…not! History is going to record you in a terrible way.

Robert “Fuehrer” Mueller

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